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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gifts and giveaways

What a wonderful experience to be part of the One World One Heart Event for the first time! The winner of my painting The Bliss of Silence is Lorna from Artymess. Send me your email Lorna and I'll get my little Buddha out to you asap!
Sharing my art with others always feels so good and this gift giving made me think of all the gifts in my life so thought I's share some thoughts on that too :)

Soooooooo grateful for my little purple studio which used to be a very ordinary backyard shed until my wonderful man waved his magic wand and transformed it into my very own arty space.

Grateful for the gift of music and the fact that my love and I can share this together. You can listen to some of our songs here

Super grateful that on the days I can wake up early I get to walk to work along the beach and watch the dolphins play in the beautiful waters of Jervis Bay

Grateful for our garden and the surprises it holds.....

Super, super grateful for our 2 gorgeous girls and all of the fun we have together

grateful that our family took a leap of faith in 2008 and went adventuring for 7 months together. The girls did their schooling on the road while we explored the coast from California to Canada and then headed to Mexico for some fun in the sun. It was rather a miracle that we pulled it can take a peek at our travels here

Filled with gratitude that I get to paint and play and share my art with you x
Until next time..have a blissful weekend!


Pauline said...

Hi Tracy! OWOH 2011.... I decided last minute to draw THREE names, and yours was one of them! I will email you privately with a pic of the three prizes, and will ask for your preferences. Of course I'll need your details too!
hugs and blessings,

Diane said...

Congratulations to Lorna!!
P.S. Loved this post--what a great life you have!

Greg Gutierrez said...

Your work is splendid! When I visit down under I'm swinging by your place to get my own original or two or three. Thanks for sharing.

rachel awes said...

hi tracy! so lovely to find YOU!
i love your work! such heart & soul in it!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a gorgeous studio, love the colours. Your paintings are fabulous too. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Hi Tracy - oh what a gorgeous studio and wonderful family - AND, I must congratulate you for seizing the moment, or rather months to travel with your family. That takes a lot of guts and tells me how important family is to you.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Tracy, I am glad I have found your blog through Flora Bowley and can't wait to explore your older posts. My parents live near Ulladulla so I know what a beautiful part of the world you live in. Thanks for sharing

Kristine said...

Hi Tracy ~ I joined your blog and I am loving it ~ Your work is inspiring and beautiful ~ You seem to use colors that I just love ~ I will continue to visit you here ...
~Kristine from MA

Jacky said...

I'm grateful that you dropped by my blog....I love your paintings and sketches and enjoyed reading about your family and life.
Gorgeous studio...great man you've got there!

Jacky xox

Nel said...

The blog is very good!

cri-cri said...

and I'm glad to discover this blog... indeed you have a beautiful environnement and family !

violette said...

OOOOHhhhhh...i love love love your heartfelt art Tracy! Sweet.

Thank you for sharing.

Love, Violette