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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling the love with Flora Bowley!

One of my finished works from the weekend...

The whole crew!!

Last weekend I attended my first ever art workshop. Never one to start small I also happened to be the organiser of the event...and of course it wasn't just any old teacher, it was with the awesomely groovy, hip, wise and generous Flora Bowley whose photo I had placed on my vision board last year!! Flora arrived on the Thursday afternoon and we spent a couple of days getting to know each other..what a treat to hang out with Flora at mi casa! Saturday morning arrived and Flora made some avocado on toast while I went out to the studio to get my gear. Wheeling my trolley through the house I noticed copious amounts of a clear liquid spilling out all over the floor and Navajo rug!! Somehow the lid had broken off a large bottle of FLOW RELEASE and there it was flowing away all over the floor! Ten minutes, two towels and 3 sponges later the metaphor dawned on me...flow release! What a fitting start to the weekend!

Flora and I

We headed out to the amazing location of Worrowing (thanks to our lovely hosts Jenny and Adrian Robertson) and soon the place was buzzing with an excited frenzy of creative ephemera and expectation....


we staked out our spots and settled into 2 days of expressive artmaking, eagerly listening and watching as Flora generously shared her techniques and philosophy on being in the flow.

Lanette painted two beautiful canvases, one t-shirt and a pair of shorts!

We moved our bodies to unstick the energy, played with paint with fingers, sticks, foam, stamps and brushes and tried to stay in our hearts and bodies with an occasional foray into our heads!

Judith getting in the flow...

Our paintings went through several incarnations over the 2 days and we learnt to enjoy the process rather than try to control the outcome.

Flora shows us how its done!

We silenced our inner critics by slathering affirmations across the wall, enjoyed scrumptious communal lunches that everyone brought to share and gave each other encouragement as our paintings unfolded.

Cathy and Jay getting their groove thang on!

Artists at work!

We shared the things we were grateful for, danced with our eyes closed in the morning sun and enjoyed the visits from one gorgeous four legged friend who was probably wondering what on earth we were doing throwing paint all around his stable!

Christine and our four-legged visitor

Julie and Mariette's creative corner...

Robbie and Julie Mc's corner of creative outpourings!

By the end of the weekend we were inspired and the best way! We finished off with a show and tell and plan to gather our works next month for a group exhibition to show off our awesomeness! So wonderful to meet and spend creative time with such a wonderful group of creative women. Cant wait to organise my own Springtime workshops!..I learnt so much from Flora..I am truly grateful..thank you to everyone and namaste!

Cathie's canvases exploded with colour!

Jann shows and tells her beautiful works!

A moment of reflection and gratitude

First time painter Marg completed these incredible works even while feeling slightly under the weather!

Gabe got stuck and then unstuck..what a privilege to be a part of her journey!

My turn for show and tell!

Christine's paintings were opposites, one wild and free, one calm and reflective...

Sue's beautiful watery landscapes!

Nina with her bold and beautiful abstracts!

Jules and her amazing finished works :)

Cheeky Julie bundled these 2 beauties into her camper and took off with Flora into the great unknown!

First time painter Mariette also amazed us with her vibrant works :)

Marilyn shows her works with a smile of satisfaction!

Can you tell Cathy had a great time?

Jay shares her works and thoughts with us

Julie shows her stuff!!

Lanette wowed us with her colourful works!

Robbie gave herself permission to create, create, create!!

Judith shines with her finished works :)

ps our wonderful host Jenny was busy looking after us much of the time so her paintings were not quite finished..will post pics when she sends them on over to me xo


Julie Sydenham said...

It was a fabulous weekend... definitely felt the love! Thanks everyone. x Jules

Greg Gutierrez said...

Oh my God. Simply stunning works. Breathtaking. I'm speechless but I won't shut up. Really remarkable beauty.

Greg Gutierrez

The Kids Art Academy said...

thanks sooo much for organising this a-mazing workshop, Tracy. It's been a great gift to a lot of passionate artists. That should keep us busy for a time. I have another a-mazing artist who said he would come out here...we should talk!
Thanks so much for taking these pics and posting the blog. I hope we all can keep in touch as south coast artists. I will be coming down there often as I am working on a sculptural land exhibition.
Could you please send all the girls email addresses again as it didn't come through last time?
luvya hugya
smiles from Julie Stapleton

Anonymous said...

Wow Tracey what a great blog, it gives me goose-bumps, it was such a great experience and you have captured it all so well. Can't stop laughing at the state of my shorts, too funny. Thanks for organising such a fabulous weekend, what a great bunch of ladies. I can't wait for the exhibition and to catch up with you all and we must definitely stay in touch. Thanks Flora for your kind, giving, inspirational workshop, you certainly created a special feeling amongst us all and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. Thanks Jenny for the gorgeous backdrop and hospitality. See you all soon.
Lanette xx

Jay @ Finki said...

great write up of a fab weekend, I love that it all started with some flow release ( :
So nice to meet you and so glad you created this weekend for us all to take part in. Definitely touched my heart.
Jay xx

cri-cri said...

thx for sharing...I enjoy it as much as you did ... like the colors and your smiles ;-)

Shells said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful masterpieces, they are all so gorgeous.

Michelle - Nanga 8

Jules Dolly said...

Wow, just stopped by via Beth, at do what you love, and taken aback by stuck staggeringly beautiful work. Fabulous.

Bren said...

Spectacular art! What a time you had, I feel a bad case of envy coming on :-)

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Amazing, this looks so fabulous! You are one lucky lady! :)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great time you all had too, Flora certainly is an inspiration. I love the bird in your painting, fabulous work.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh these are all SO amazing... what a talented group of ladies! The only four legged visitor I get halfway through a project is my rabbit chewing on my paintbrushes! Your work is stunning =) x

Jenny McIntosh said...

Wonderful to see so many amazing works come out of your weekend with Flora.... still jealous..I was so close!! You won't hear anymore whinging from me... I'll just make sure I'm at the next one... lol! Looking forward to that cuppa... I've lots to tell too!! Jen xo

Kristen Robinson said...

What an amazing time and amazing pieces of artwork!

Beth Nadler said...

oooh, looks amazing!
i can't wait to find out for myself in a few weeks when i head
over to england for the "do what you love" retreat where i'm
taking flora's class.

Carrie Clayden said...

I wanna play!! looks like an incredible time. must visit!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

A great wrap up of an amazing weekend. Love the story about the flow release. You couldn't get a clearer message than that really.

Still totally enamoured with your beautiful paintings.

kristen said...

Looks time. I want to come too!!

Kelly Lish said...

Thank you for sharing these great photos. I will be taking a two day workshop with Flora in October and I'm so very excited! Everyones work turned out so lovely!

Kerry C. Mitchell said...

I love this blog. Two women who have had a huge influence on my art and life. I had never painted until I accidentally took Flora's class in 2012. I had been told I couldn't paint in college. Now, I have taken your ecourse. It is an amazing class. I really was stuck artistically. I so needed to shake things up. That is exactly what happened. I got my Mojo back. Thank you so much, Tracy.