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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wholehearted Workshop with Tracy Verdugo and HollyEva!!!

Holly and I have been putting our heads together and have come up with an amazing workshop line up for a wonderful September weekend of PAINTING and MIXED MEDIA PLAY! If you cant get to Jervis Bay but would like Holly and I to bring our WHOLEHEARTED selves elsewhere for a workshop please let me know..we LOVE ROAD TRIPS or BOAT TRIPS on PLANE TRIPS for that matter!!! Have paints will travel I say! Places are limited to 15 so let us know ASAP if you want to join us..its going to be FUN times 100!!
I just used ScribD to upload the flyer..let me know if its not loading properly ok? You can press the little full page thingy at the bottom to open it in its own page..not sure about you but I'd be having a little trouble reading print that small ;p

JervisBayWorkshopDetails Wholehearted!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drip, splosh, tilt!

Hello beautiful bloggy friends!

I just had a little giggle when I read back my sounds like I've been drinking too much! In reality I've been holed up in my studio for days working on a Major submission for a painting unit I'm doing towards my Fine Arts Degree. A lot of the time its not much fun painting to someone else's specifications or being graded on your art but these exercises have actually been a lot of fun...with Exercise titles such as Method and Madness and Art for Arts Sake I have been experimenting and having lots of fun just seeing what happens when.... One of the exercises called for lots of experimentation with pouring, spilling and staining. Lots of layers were suggested and so I did just that! Here are the results...aren't they just gorgeous!!

I wanted to experiment with a couple of different surfaces so I started with some pieces of unprimed plywood and randomly dripped some Golden Fluid colours on...

a little spray of water and magical things start to happen....

Using a foam brush to move the paint around I sprayed again and then let them dry a bit before adding up to 4 more layers of the same....

I also worked on canvases, painting them with some Flow medium beforehand. The paints moved differently on this surface and didn't get soaked up like they did with the wood....

the paint layered well on the canvas....

flowing lusciously this way and that....

creating a deep and magical surface...

on the little pieces of plywood figures appeared.....

and dreamy landscapes...desert

and sea......
What shall I paint on them now?
Such a fun technique...have a play with it this week when you get a chance and send me a pic of your drip, splash, tilt works...let me know if you have any questions and most of all have a blissfully creative rest of the week xoxox

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feelgood Friday

What makes you feel good? Like really good?? What gives you that little buzz in your tummy and makes you smile or giggle even when no one else is around. Sitting here thinking about the things i could blog about on Friday and this is what came to mind. Perfect!! Would love to hear what makes you feel good too xo

Here are some of mine..............told through the evolution of a painting :)

Starting a painting from a place of freedom and with no expectations
mmmmm that makes me feel good.........

Playing around with darks and lights and shapes while still feeling loose and playful..that really feels good!

Staying fluid and open to all possibilities feels fantastic...Wait is that an owl peeking out at me?

beginning to make decisions but still happy to let the painting tell the story..that feels good too....

Being brave enough to turn something upside down, even when you think its done and dusted, find a new story and a fresh way of looking at things and make the bold choice to create something entirely new...that feels fantastic!!

I know my little owl is still in there, only now he's doing a headstand amongst the flowers instead of sitting calmly on a branch :)

Wishing you all a fabulous Feelgood Friday that stretches on through the whole weekend and beyond!
lotsa love
Tracy xoxox

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gratitude, kids and creativity!

I'm always blown away by the way that children approach creativity with such a sense of exploration and fearlessness. After 12 years of teaching artiness to children and adults I know the value of getting back into a playful or childlike state when making adult art!

During the Easter Holidays I ran a whole day workshop for a gorgeous group of kids ranging in ages from 7-14 around the topic of gratitude.

We started off with a circle discussion and the kids and I spent some time focusing on the things in our lives that we are grateful for. After a little while warming up the words and thoughts flowed freely;

* a warm bed at night
* a nice, kind family
* clean beaches to swim in
* enough food
*the beauty of nature

after we'd been around the circle 4 times we realised we probably could keep going all day so decided it was time to get busy making our Gratitude Flags.

For the first time i hired 2 fabulous assistants, my daughters Santana(17) and Sienna(14)and i seriously cant imagine how I have been doing without their help for all of these years!

We spent the day stamping and painting, spraying and glueing and sewing by hand and machine.

The finished artworks were beautiful; vibrant, individual and meaningful.
Will definitely have to do this with an adult group very soon!

Have a beautiful rest of the week everyone..hope you make time for some creative play of your own.