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Monday, June 6, 2011

outa my head..into my hands ♥

I've been spending a whole lot of time in my head this past couple of weeks..essays to write for Uni, workshop proposals to send off and deadlines all around....I venture longingly into my studio only to find its still a mess from my kids art class last week...I haven't had the time to clean it up let alone do anything creative in it! Hold on a minute...just breathe...I'm not whinging, really I'm not...great opportunities are coming my way including being accepted to be one of the 12 artists that will be teaching at an amazing retreat in Sydney 2012...truly this is the best thing ever!! My dreams of traveling around the world teaching workshops are getting closer each day... the seed was planted years ago and my little flower has begun to bloom! Today however I want to MAKE something...get outa my head and into my hands...not sure what will come cos' I still have a long list of other stuff to get through...just going to leave this blog in progress up, keep my camera handy and look for ten minute inspirations throughout my day...stay posted ♥

a little while later.......

OK!! I'm back and I made something!It may not be MAJOR ART but I did get out of my head and into my hands and my HEART and THAT makes me happy :)
I took the first thing that caught my eye which was this empty cotton spool

...apologies to our kitty Bella who has been having fun batting it around on the floor for the last 2 weeks!
Hmmmm what could it become? Gotta find a warm place in the fingers are freezing!

Bodhi the kitty knows the best place in the house on a cold day ♥

On a snuggly lounge next to the warm fire...

I gather some supplies thinking about how my girls are really starting to find their own style...Santana at 17 is elegant but into simplicity, very wabi sabi with her messy hair and neutral colours and thinks nothing of spending $100 on one designer shirt and pairing it with a $2 skirt from the op shop, Sienna just 14 has become suddenly Boho chic, into everything vintage, floral and pink she will go nowhere near the designer stores finding everything she needs at the op shop!...yesterday she was buzzed to find an old pink quilted dressing gown that goes all the way down to the floor and a pink flannelet nightie to wear under it... i think for today this little something will be for Sienna x

I wrap the little spool with some pretty fabric and lace scraps and glue on a couple of buttons...

then add a couple of mini wrapped fabric flowers also made from the scraps and glue them onto some sticks I find next to the fire....

it needs a little something else so I make a heart out of wire and wrap it in fabric..

find a little text to make it extra special et voila!! something to put a smile on Sienna's face when she comes home...and that puts a smile on mine ♥

p.s please make sure you head over here to sign up for info on Sydney Art Is'll be the first to receive info on all of the fabulous workshops on offer!!
Oh and one more thing...this fabric flower thing is really fun..I've also made a couple for my hair that I just slip onto a bobby pin and wear..heres a cute tutorial if you want to give it a try...the pic at the top is one I made modeled by moi...

Have a beautiful week lovely people, smile at everyone you meet and think about things that make you feel GOOD! xo♥


Holly Eva Gay said...

gorgeous head pin tracy and I love the flowers, will head on over to the tutorial now! Im making cards for Ashiki will post them

Patti said...

Love your description of how your girls like to dress. I'm sure they both look adorable.