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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Over the Moon EXCITED!!

Very excited to have been selected to teach with 11 other beautiful artists at this EastWest Coast retreats huge event ArtIs SYDNEY 2012 next on the link to register for a workshop.....I'll be busy teaching but I wish I could take them all! I'll be running 3 full day workshops plus an evening one on Friday night...can hardly wait!!
Heres where its at!!

We are so lucky to finally have an event like this in Australia....heres what you can expect from one their US retreat participants :)
"The entire weekend surprised me at every turn. I struck up some friendships, people genuinely admired my creations and I felt like I belonged. Here I was among very creative women, some of whom I had felt intimidated by because of their creativity and self-confidence and yet I felt like I belonged. I learned new media, new techniques, discovered new places in myself. I felt confident, self-assured. This never happens to me!"
Click here for all of the wonderful workshop details

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