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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Right now I'm....

Just spent a little while over at Melissa Boltons beautiful blog and was inspired to follow her lead and share a little about myself...this blogging world is a beautiful place but I always feel good when I learn a little more about friends...if you'd like to do the same that would be great...send me a comment or link back so I can read your list too
Tracy xo

Right now, I’m:

Wearing a aomfr red dressing gown with daisies and teddies on it. The girls bought it for me at least ten years ago and I love it...its a cold winters morning so I also have Pyjamas underneath and a pair of my husbands work socks on.
Drinking...just finished my coffee...instant Moccona cos the real stuff is too strong for me.
Listening To the birds singing, a little traffic going by and the sounds of my family getting ready for their day.
Planning on
Aggravated by
Most passionate about
Dreaming Of
Wishing I was
Wanting to be
Trying to
Wanting to try
Most thankful for
Giving up on

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