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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

7 gorgeous kids inspired by Jesse Reno and Jean Michel Basquiat!!

Day 6 Blogtoberfest

Most school holidays I try to offer an all day kids workshop exploring as many different approaches to art as I possibly can. This time around I decided to go with an Outsider Art theme so the kids and I looked at the paintings of the renowned artist Jean Michel Basquiat and prolific Portland painter Jesse Reno whose spontaneous, intuitive, almost tribal works I love!!

Recently Jesse and I have been emailing back and forth to plan a trip Downunder to run some workshops which at this stage looks like early 2013.

The kids and I watched Jesse at work on Youtube and concocted crazy creatures in our imagination coming up with combo animals like a cat/dolphin/scorpion...sketching and doodling and then attacking our canvases with sloshes of paint, stamps, spray paint, oil pastels and pencils...scratching through the layers with bamboo skewers...all day long!!! It was sooooo much fun and I'm totally exhausted but in a GOOD way!

Here's some pics of our day..I'm off for a bubble bath.....hope all is lovely with all of my beautiful blogger friends!
love and hugs Tracy ♥♥

ps yesterday I had some amazing news that I'm bursting to share!!! Hopefully very soon!!!



amy said...

i LOVE jesse.
i love basquiat
and the kids did a smackin' good job.

kristen said...

Every single one is amazing and fabulous as is the teacher! Xokp

Tracy Verdugo said...

Hey Amy! Me too! The kids had a blast!
Kristen you're a sweetie..hope all is going well for you x

Johoanna Robson said...

I LOVE the way kids paint. They don't care who's watching, if it's perfect or not...maybe I should come to one of your kid's take "big" kids...don't you? ;-) Really love outsider art, and these kids' paintings are awesome. <3

Clare said...

What fun - how liberating and freeing for the kids - they must have really enjoyed this art class. It makes me want to grab my paints and go outside and play

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow, these are talented kids, their work's a combination of Jesse and Flora.

rita maria said...

that picture of you with your painting in the background in your blog banner is amazing!

Joyce van der Lely said...

amazing art by those kids, waht a lovely setting too in the garden, oozes a great feeling !!!

Sunny Carvalho said...

Those are fantastic!!! I love to watch kids paint...the freedom and intuitive way they create. I love Jesse. He and I both teach at Artfest...he's so fun. And I love, love his girlfriend Lana. She's so creative, as well. (I'm just FULL of love today, aren't I?!!) xoxo (LOVE to you!)

C. Diane said...

These kids are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wauw, the kids are very talented! The paintings looks great! I can imagine that you all had a wonderfull time (and that you are very tired after it, LOL)
By the way: your art is very awesome too!

Stacy said...

Wow Tracy those pics are so awesome.... I've been trying to inspire my neice into hands on creativity and this looks so good!!! Do you do workshops like this, with mother child or Aunty niece??? Love it xx

Tracy Verdugo said...

Thanks was an awesome day! Stacy so funny you should ask. I just booked in my first mixed adult/child expressive painting workshop for a group in Dec....let me know if you want to make something happen and I'll email you the details xo