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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh what a day!!

9.14pm here in Aussie land... 2 glasses of calm me down red wine and OMG I havent written my "committed too" Blogtoberfest blog!!!~should be sitting with Marco watching TV!

No art today my friends..instead a day of running around, rug needs dry cleaning, Dr and dentist appt's, pick up some spray paint for tomorrows kids workshop, wash, fold, clean out the various experiments growing in the fridge! You know the kind of day I'm talking about!!!

Funniest part is this~

I get home and there's really not much in the fridge! (bad mum-not organised-too focused on my own stuff-my words-no-one elses).
Sienna is heading next door to stay with vacation best friend Lily but Santana is home after 3 days away with new flame.

Whats in the fridge? Frozen pizza for Santana...embellished of course with feta, olives, tomato etc and oh my there's a pack of smoked salmon...I'll make eggs benedict!

My love comes home from a 10 hour day building and really would love some of my fried potatoes to go with that! Sienna's camp list for the weekend is sitting on the counter...I really should get to that now!

Off I head to my non favorite grocery store...end up in a fab, long conversation with a fellow artist I haven't seen for ages...watching the clock knowing that I'm not even going to get started on dinner till 7.30pm!

get out to the car park..key in the ignition..text message from Sienna....emergency...feta!!!!!

breathe..text back..I'm not going back in there!

mum..we really need feta!!!

me mistakenly thinking that Sienna has come back home for dinner to share pizza with Santana try to ring Sienna but no answer! Call Santana and go into attack mode!! "if you want me to go back in there and buy feta you better be prepared to meet me at the car, carry all the groceries in AND HELP make your own pizza!!

Santana: What are you talking about mum! Sienna is next door!! Oh.............

Turns out family next door asked Sienna to text me to get Feta......I need to go to bed!!

More art later! I know you guys can relate to this.....sweet dreams!!! xo


Johoanna Robson said...

lol...yes, I can, but without the kids bit. Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you were actually able to write that all down! Oh can definitely relate....Julie