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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sometimes I just like to take photos of the people and scenes I pass
and wonder at the beauty, the pain, the joy and fragility of life.
These things connect us, our sameness and our differences.

I try to remind myself of that often :)

Tracy Verdugo. Vancouver. 2008. People at a bus stop.

Tracy Verdugo. Mexico City. 2008. Woman praying outside the Basilica de Guadalupe.

Tracy Verdugo. Mexico City. 2008. Dogs on the bank at Xochimilco.

Tracy Verdugo. 2008. Vancouver. Busker.

Tracy Verdugo. Mexico City. 2008. Dashboard of car in traffic.

Tracy Verdugo. Mexico City. 2008. Dog in backyard at Xochimilco.

Tracy Verdugo. Koh Samui, Thailand. 2012. Thai artist at work.

Tracy Verdugo. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. 2008. A house I passed while walking to La Punta.

Tracy Verdugo. Juquila, Oaxaca. 2008. Pilgrims on their way to ask a favour of the Virgen.

Tracy Verdugo. Byron Bay. 2011. My niece Kira buys a flower from a litle girl at Byron Bay Markets.

Tracy Verdugo. Koh Samui, Thailand. 2012. Two young girls pose and giggle for me in front of my unfinished mural.

Huskisson. 2011. and last but not least my own two gorgeous girls who delight and inspire me each day.

Happy Mothers day to all of you wonderful mamas out there including my mum # 1 and mum # 2
lots of love Tracy ♥♥♥


Lise Meijer said...

A treat to watch your pictures and read about humanity. Yes, we are all humans, every single soul!!! Much warmth to you on mother´s day.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing an artist's work on canvas, but sometimes seeing pictures gives insight into how they view the world. Thanks for sharing this perspective with us. They are lovely.

robin Jane fingher said...

Happy mother's day to you too Tracy. I share the same interest in the fabric of lives entwined in a united humanity. I particularly love love love the pic of the girls with the umbrella in front of your painting. I think I've said it before elsewhere, but I would love to see you paint that image! It's just beautiful. Xx

Creatively yours Fi said...

Thanks Tracy, beautiful pics :) Love them! Happy mother's day to you too! xXrviceba

Sherri B. said...

Your "people" photos are lovely...I need to start practicing more with photos that have humans in them! Have a wonderful Mother's Day - your daughters are beautiful. :)

The Introverted Art said...

Tracy, these photos are stunning. They are raw, they are real and utterly meaningful. The first one is by far my favorite. The photo of the artist in Thailand is also amazing. Some amazing places you have been to.

La Dolce Vita said...

Beautiful blog you have !
The photos are beautiful, each picture tells a story. I find so much similarity in us, I also paint at times and I also do photography apart from writing, embroidery and other creative stuffs!
have a lovely day,
I hope that you will drop by my blog someday !
Take care !

Cinderella K said...

Everyone loves it whenever people come together and share views on your pictures. Great website, keep it up! Though, I was wondering if you could suggest me some decent ideas for Koh Samui property.