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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come join the fun at Art Is You!!

 Art Is...You - The East and West Coast Art Retreats

 If you've been sitting on the fence trying to decide here are just a few reasons that you should sign up for the wonderful Art Is You Retreat in Petaluma California or Stamford Connecticut this Fall.

I am thrilled to be teaching three workshops at each retreat and would so love to have you come paint with me!

Sacred Marks is one of the workshops I'll be teaching ♥

 During this two day workshop we will be tapping into our deepest most intuitive selves and cultivating an awareness that everything is connected. Inspired by the Aboriginal concept of "Dadirri" and the storytelling traditions of many other cultures, Tracy will encourage students to dig deep into their own wellspring of creativity to find the contemplative space to create personal symbols and their own unique narrative.

Students will explore a multitude of abstract techniques using paint, ink, oil pastel and collage. Text and imagery will be woven together to create a unique, personal art language. Students can expect to leave with a mind overflowing with new inspiration, a large canvas and several smaller experimental works on paper."


Tracy Verdugo. 2012. Concept and Creation.

Rave reviews....

Art Is...You has changed my life in so many ways.  I have grown as an artist and branched out into so many mediums that I never would have tried before.  I started out as a quilter so the world of mixed media and ephemera were things I had never heard of.  My first class was a doll with a beaded face class.  I felt so welcomed by the teacher and students that I couldn't wait for year 2.  I took metal and soldering and altering board books and bandaid boxes, and no one told me my pages were lumpy or crooked, they said they were beautiful and they meant it.  I learned that I really did miss fabric after a fabric journal class, using luscious laces and velvets and silks substituted for the quilters cottons.  Now I still work with the other mediums but my first love fabric is always present.
 I also have grown as a person, learning that people will love me for me, I can be myself now that i have found who I want to be. We laugh, cry, hope, learn and support each other.  The genuine friendships I have developed between students and teachers will last a lifetime and I am SO PROUD to call Art Is...You family.

Sallianne and Ellen should be very proud of their family.
Colleen Peck

 Art Is...You - The East and West Coast Art Retreats

 Hi everyone,

Last year was my first year at Art Is You! And I plan to be there for many years

to come. It is art camp for adults. It is so exciting to spend that much time
with everyone learning new skills, having fun and creating. The teachers are
wonderful and people are friendly. I would not be hesitant to come by myself
now. I have made new friendships and got to be in class with teachers I have
long admired. There is so much going on throughout the day and evening. I wish I
could do it more than once a year........It was my 50th present to

myself last year. It will be your most treasured gift. It is a wonderful time :)

Terry Fryer

  I knew when I walked in and saw PINK FLAMINGOES, I knew that I was in a MAGICAL place.

When I realized that there was GLITTER all down the stairs, I realized I was HOME.  Each wonderful person I met made me realize that I was with KINDRED SPIRITS.  Michael deMeng's workshop on Sunday--pure NIRVANA!!!  I was there for only one day, but at the end of the day, each of my chakras was SPINNING faster than ever before and colorful sparks were radiating from my fingertips.  Ellen and Sallianne, thank you from the bottom of my striped socks to the top of my purple-hatted head!!!  Trish


Art-Is-You= Growing, Friendship, and Family. I am a Jersey girl with many friends, none of which were like minded. I was debating on going to Art-is-You. I got on the message boards(lurking in the background of coarse), and noticed there was a fellow Jersey girl going also. So after much encouragement and gentle nudging from Sallianne and Ellen, they managed to convince me, yes I could come on my own. I could do it! So I decided to go hunt down the Jersey girl and say hello.(Kecia Deveny). We agreed to meet up at AIY.

Still with butterflies in my stomach, I went alone. I was only in the hotel 5 minutes, ran into Kecia. We decided to dump our individual rooms and share. The rest there is history...we've been 2 peas in a pod ever since. How cool is that?! My first class was with
the very talented JoAnna Who would have ever known that we would become soul sisters. So from the beginning talking about not having like-minded people around AIY they are everywhere letting you be free to be you and surrounding you with love, sharing creativity, and laughter.  The bottom line's the place to BE!!!!!!!!!
  Jane Blanco

 Art Is...You - The East and West Coast Art Retreats
  Merrilee - October 2010 I've done alot of conferences in my day, but here's what stands out for me about Art Is....: The teachers! The learning! and, the joy of seeing El and Salli moving about through the days, taking care of little things and decorating here and there....Speaking for myself, I adored this opportunity to be with great friends, to learn from the absolute best and to have a "no drama" experience. That is priceless to me. You ladies are ROCK STARS, no you are SUPER STARS!!!! Thank you for your attention to detail, your obvious dedication to the participants and your very hard and steady work throughout the year to make this event what it was for me: one I will be back to again and again. Love you, ladies!

Art Is...You - The East and West Coast Art Retreats

 This will be my first time joining the Art Is You family and I cannot wait! Would love to see you there!!
Tracy ♥♥♥


KarenS said...

I'm registered for your 2 day class at Art is You in Stamford and can't wait for it to get here!

Carol said...

Tracy, it's amazing to read the heartfelt words of Art is... you family members. Very heartwarming. I so wish I could go to one of these workshops with you. I guess I'll have to wait. Carol xxx