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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peaceful monks and angry falafel makers!

It takes a lot to get me angry. For the most part I'm pretty cruisey and relaxed although over the years within my own little family I've been known to let small resentments build up over time leading to explosions once or twice a year of volcanic proportions....ask Marco and the girls..they'll tell you...its not a pretty sight! The past couple of years though I've become much more aware of my need to give voice to my concerns over small issues with calmness and clarity rather than letting them mount up to the point that I turn into a screaming banshee!
In the past few weeks I experienced 2 amazing happenings which illustrated opposite perspectives on not sweating the small stuff.....
Last month we were lucky enough to attend the awards ceremony for the Sydney Peace prize. The 2012 prizewinner Noam Chomsky visited a large multicultural school in Sydney and the children from many different countries performed beautiful dance and musical pieces for him. As we had arrived a few minutes late with our friend Stuart Rees, the director of the Sydney peace Foundation we had been quickly directed to park our cars close to the hall. Although we were parking in front of other cars the organisers assured us it was fine as they were staff cars that would not have to leave before we did. arriving back at our car several hours later I was mortified to see one of the visiting dignitary senior monks waiting patiently in the heat next to his car, unable to get out because we had parked him in! "I'm so sorry! I hope you havent been waiting long" Calmy and sweetly he smiled and raised a finger, "one hour" he said quietly and without any anger.
On the weekend Santana and I walked to the markets and spent a lovely couple of hours wandering amongst the stalls. On the way home we decided to buy a couple of falafels for lunch. We ordered and paid and decided to browse in the newly opened book store while we waited for our lunch...along the way we ran into several friends and chatted as you do in a small the time we got back to the store the woman was screaming at the top of her lungs obviously %$$#$@& off! Number 56!!!!!! Falafels!!! she screamed out the door...Santana and I looked at each other stifling a giggle and collected our falafels...I've been calling out your order for ten minutes she barked at us, obviously peeved and greatly agitated....

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