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Friday, August 10, 2012

Workshops and retreats :)

   Hi all! 

   Would love for you to join me in 2012 at one of the following workshops!! For more info contact me at or click on the link provided


June 30 and July 1st Paint Mojo, Buderim, Qld, Australia at the Buderim Craft Cottage, hosted by Christine Desbiens.
A great time was had by all!

Aug 4 and 5 Paint Mojo Melbourne, Australia, hosted by Liza Zeni and Wini Dougall. FULL!!  Contact . FULL!! 

*Sept 19-23rd Art Is Petaluma, California ~ 2 day immersion workshop (Full) plus two separate one day workshops~ Registration now open!

*Sept 29 and 30 Paint Mojo Orange County, California, hosted by Christy Nemeh ~ FULL!

*Oct 4-9 Art Is You Stamford Connecticut~ 2 day immersion workshop (2 spots left!) plus 2 one day workshops~ Registration now open!

*Oct 10-17 New York, promo tour, school and private workshops

*Oct 26,27,28  Paint Mojo, Hill Country, Texas, hosted by Selah Gay~ 2 spots left!  Registration now open! Click here for more info :)

*Nov 3and 4 Paint Mojo, Saluda, Random Arts Studio, N.Carolina. FULL!
***new class announced Nov 6th and 7th :)

*Nov 10 and 11 Paint Mojo, Suntan Arts Center, St Petersburg, Florida, hosted by E'Layne Koenisberg~ Registration now open. 5 spots left! Contact me at or E'Layne at for registration and workshop info.

March 23 and 24 2013 Studio 11 Newcastle Community Arts Centre. registration open mid July!


The grand European tour whereby Marco and I, having successfully guided our children through their childhood and high school graduations, will proceed to become middle aged backpackers, traipsing around the world, teaching, painting, playing music, kitesurfing and drinking cheap red wine!

If you are anywhere in Europe or the UK and would like to help organise/host one of my workshops in 2015 let me know! So far we have Portugal, Iceland, UK and France on the list :)

* 2015 Workshop TBA La Cascade, France

   Let me know if you'd like to be added to my mailing list to keep posted on upcoming workshops and retreats!

explore imaginary landscapes....

delight in happy accidents!

loosen up!

Tracy Verdugo is an Australian artist.singer/songwriter.workshop facilitator.  She has had 12 successful solo exhibitions since 2002 and contributed to many group shows. Her work is in collections locally, nationally and internationally and her skills are well recognised as a creative workshop facilitator for both adults and children.

“Paint Mojo”

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong"
— Joseph Chilton Pearce

Over two days of creative play, we will explore new and non threatening ways to make art, begin to find our own Paint Mojo,  learn to be inspired in every moment and realise that there are no mistakes in the creative process, only opportunities to learn and grow! We will spend the weekend creating paintings and mixed media pieces spontaneously and intuitively, with no expectations, a wholehearted approach and an open mind!

With a focus on gratitude, letting go of our inner critic and open-minded investigation, Tracy will guide you through a series of fun exercises culminating in one large expressive canvas and a series of smaller works on paper or panels.
Tracy will share tips and techniques on creating vibrant, expressive, colourful paintings, using acrylics, ink and pastels. She will gently guide you into your own personal creative flow and guide you through the elements of design, colour and composition in both figurative and abstract works. During the workshop we will also look at creating personal symbols and imbuing your art with sense of meaning. 
No previous art experience is required for this workshop, just a willingness to learn and to be open to the possibility that we are all creative souls capable of beauty and wonder.

Artists Statement

“The universal theme of connection underlies all of my work; connection to each other and the ways in which we express our humanity; connection with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us; connection with the divine and a sense of something greater at work in our lives. My paintings are often created intuitively and I am often surprised at the finished piece. I am inspired by our travels in Mexico and other places and the colours, exuberance of Spirit and magical experiences I have shared with my family during our travels. I love texture and the sensuality, rhythm and pattern of fabrics and often incorporate these mixed media elements into my work. I like to believe that we are all part of an intricate and breathtaking tapestry. Our only choice each moment is whether to be a part of the creating or a part of the unravelling. “

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