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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip!!!!!!

 On a whim I decided to take the girls on a road trip! We had planned to go to Mexico to visit with family but other things came up for our Tijuana clan and we had to with our nieces Keely and Kira and my daughter Sienna all ready to go somewhere, I decided to take them to HOLLYWOOD!!! 

We picked up Keely from work and took her to her house to get some things for the weekend. Out on the balcony she showed us these gorgeous baby birds sitting with their mama! How cute are they!

On Saturday morning we jumped in the car and headed North. I was a little anxious about the hotel I'd booked. It the cheaper side but close to the Walk of Fame. We were pleasantly surprised by the Dixie Boutique Hotel and I plan on leaving a great review!

I made up a photographic competition for the girls to take some quirky pics to encapsulate Hollywood. Oh there was plenty of quirkiness to go around! 

We all loved this giant billboard featuring an "actual doctor"!

On the metro map we discovered a whole mountain range named after US!!

Down in the metro a kaleidoscope of coloured tiles and pics of the fossils found there whilst excavating. We fumbled at the ticket machine like tourists.......oh thats right! We are tourists!

 We entered weird and wonderful shops along Hollywood this one!

and were surprised to see a bunch of dads on the corner with prams...on closer look there were no babies inside, but huge video cameras! Paparazzi?? Undercover cops?? Who knows....I didn't want to blow their cover (especially after Keely had just yelled out "Why are there cameras everywhere??? Look there in the stroller!!") I took this shot from far away.......see the guy in the blue shirt and the one standing next to him? That's them!

we explored thrift stores galore! In this one a guy had just bought a complete Mickey Mouse costume with a giant head and proceeded to wear it outside in the street:

 we gave away many dollars to talented buskers....including this plastic bucket drummer

 while happy me got to put my hand in Johnny Depps.............handprint that is :)

we walked and walked and walked and then I realised that I had only had a piece of toast and a Starbucks all day and I started feeling woozy. 

Luckily the Thai across the street from our hotel was FAST and DELICIOUS!!

Next morning we decided on a change of scenery so after we checked out we headed to VENICE BEACH!!

Our eyes didn't know where to look first!! The beautiful long stretch of sand...

the amazing athletic prowess all around us!

the fun street performers like this guys inside a huge black T shirt who tapped unsuspecting people on the shoulder as they walked by....

my mind boggled more than once at the strangeness of this place where young pretty girls paid for oxygen hits, sitting at the bar with tubes up their nose while next door "Green Doctors" offered medical marijuana cards to everyone that walked by!

we couldn't resist paying this guy a dollar or two for some shitty advice!

and then.......I cant believe I actually did this but the girls wanted to see the Venice Beach Freakshow so we paid to go inside and see this guy do horrible things like put a nail up his nose and have it come out his mouth. Well now I can say I have been to a Freakshow and I don't care to repeat the experience!

we walked and walked and walked......

and on the way back some old hippies (their words not mine) were giving away these signs...we were happy to wear them :)) Kinda made me feel better about going into the Freak was funny to see peoples reactions to the four of us wearing "be love", "more love" signs...ranging from confusion to skepticism, to affirmation, to suggestive remarks.  My favourite reaction was from a young guy who walked up with a big smile on his face saying "be love...alright!" while giving me a High 5 :)

Keely made a couple of new friends...

and we played a while before jumping in the car to head home where we all decided 
we definitely needed a nap!

This Friday I head off to explore San Francisco before travelling on to Petaluma next week to teach at the fabulous Art Is You Art Retreat!! Woohoo! After that its back down South to teach Paint Mojo Orange County and then on to CT, NY, Texas, N.Carolina and Florida.

I'm over the moon that all of my workshops are full although we could squeeze one or two extra into the Texas retreat so holler if you'd like to join us October 26-28 under the starry skies at the Lotus Ranch Texas!!

I'll be bringing prints and cards with me

and some itty bitty originals!!

Until next time!! Hope your life is filled with scrumptious loveliness
hugs from sunny California!
Tracy xoxox


Sue said...

What an incredible trip. The moutain range named after you....well, I always say ...fame comes to those who wait. :)

Jo Murray said...

WOW, WOW, and double- WOW. What a great time you girls had...but exhausting. I just know your workshops will be wild! Greetings from down under... wish I was there.

Jane Blogs said...

That medical marajuana sign had me a bit confused for a while - I thought that "trusted for 8+ years" meant that the cards were fine for 8 year olds to use!

And I still don't get what a marajuana card is - a card soaked in marajuana juice maybe?

Anyhoo, life there is certainly not the same as back home here in Sydney :D

Shaharoh said...

My stomping grounds. Great post. Makes me appreciate where I live that much more. Beautiful photos!

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Hi Tracy, what a fantastic trip you're having!
I am a huge fan of your artwork and was sorry to miss your Melbourne workshop (I was overseas myself at the time...).
Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at:
And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
Kat xxx

laura gaffke said...

I really love your itty bitty paintings! They are so colorful, expressive and fun! Your trip sounds pretty amazing as well! Laura

Anonymous said...

what a fun trip! makes me realize how long it's been since i've been to venice beach... :)