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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Book 2013!! registration now open! :)))



Hi everyone!!


A very quick check in from my East Coast adventure with the awesome news that Tamara La Portes Lifebook 2013 course is now open for registration!!


I was so honoured to be one of the teachers for Life Book 2012 and my head is reeling with the enormously talented line up for 2013~ Melody Ross, Mindy Lacefield, Dion Dior, Effy Wild, Jeanette Maisy House, Christy Tomlinson, Erin Faith Allen, just to name a few!


Give yourself a beautiful gift and sign up today for a whole year of creative unfolding in 2013!

Big hugs from New York. I promise a new travel post will be coming soon 

lots of love Tracy xoxoxo


Click here to view more Life Book 2013 details


Jann said...

Thanks Tracy, This does look exciting! I'll have to check out the bank balance and see if I can do this.
It's great to hear about your travels in sure are having fun!
love, Jann x

Jann Parkes said...

Just signed up for this! Yay! Can't wait to get started xxx