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Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing with new toys :)

Good morning beautiful friends!
Just wanted to share a little something with you today!
I have a bunch of deadlines I'm working on so in true form I decided to distract myself
with something completely new
you know...

 cos' I'm supposed to be doing something else ;p

So.... while I was in St Pete staying with the awesome e'Layne Koenigsberg
she showed me how to play with Pic Monkey
an easy peasy photo editor!
So just for fun I'm creating some images using my favourite quotes
 and matching them up with my paintings.

don't you think these would make great prints?

well I need to practice a little more. This image is too small....

but this one I'm really happy with.... :)

and then I came across this image, a self portrait taken by my uber talented daughter Santana Verdugo who has a beautiful photographic website here. I'm so proud of her and think that these words are a perfect match for her gorgeous pic!

Well thats all for now...better get back to the tasks I'm actually supposed to be doing!

lots of love Tracy xox


Lucy Chen said...

These are beautiful, Tracy.
I've started two notebooks, one for Alan and one for Chloe, in which I write some inspiring quotes regularly. I plan to give the books to them when they grow up, leave home/go to uni/etc... And I sometimes come to your blog for quotes.

Anonymous said...

These are great. I love the colors and the quotes too.

Anne McDonough said...

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