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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dreaming the Big Dream

I can hardly believe the words below are real.....

Two years ago I was plodding away in our little coastal village of 1000 people here in faraway Australia, with the spark of a bigger dream beginning to burn more brightly in my mind.

Portland artist Dory Kanter started it for me with her very cool book Art Escapes which I purchased probably around 2006. Filled with fun exercises it also opened up the possibility for me of a life in which I got to travel the world, exploring, learning and inspiring others to shine their brightest creative selves!

Flora Bowley made the possibility even more REAL when she came to stay with our family in April 2011 to run her awesome Bloom True workshop here in Jervis Bay.

SOMETHING BIG SHIFTED for me during this time and continues to move and morph as I sit here in my sunroom, lorikeets chirping in the backyard,  contemplating the past 5 months of teaching and travelling solo in the U.S and what an incredible, humbling, life affirming experience it has been to share creative space with so many amazing, wonderful people in California, CT, NY, NJ, N. Carolina, Texas and Florida.....

Next year I am excited to return to the US AND to be teaching here in Australia as well!

Originally I was going to come to the States for just one month in 2013 but when my beautiful friend Erin Faith Hall invited me to stretch my visit out a bit to come teach at her Call of the Wild Soul Retreat there was nothing else to do but say a loud, resounding YES!!!! 


One look at the company I'll be in AND the vision of the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and I was bursting out of my skin with excitement...




How I would love for you to come share the experience with me

Come on over and have a read at the beautiful offerings we are preparing for you xoxo

Join Teesha Moore, Tracy Verdugo, Madelyn Mulvaney,

Alena Hennessy and Erin Faith Allen

November 7 – 10, 2013

in Petaluma, California

at EarthRise Retreat Center, Institute of Noetic Sciences.

We collectively emphasize connectedness, community, open hearts, and courageous exploring through our art.  This retreat is a cocoon of safe and intuitive creativity, self-empowerment, and fun … while being nurtured in the majesty of the land once nurtured by the Miwok tribe.
How EarthRise Retreat Center Began:  It was literally conceived in outer space.  Dr. Mitchell was on Apollo 14’s mission to the moon.  From the EarthRise website:On the trip home Dr. Mitchell sat in the window seat of the cramped cabin of the space capsule. As he saw Earth floating freely in the vastness of space, Dr. Mitchell was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness—an epiphany. In Dr. Mitchell’s own words: ‘The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes . . . The knowledge came to me directly.’  Dr Mitchell returned to Earth and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences – derived from the Greek word nous, meaning “intuitive ways of knowing.”

here is what I will be teaching :)

Laced between the fragments of our own unique narrative is the thread of humanity which stretches wide in all directions; past, present and future, encompassing and informing both our inner and our outer worlds.
 Drawing upon the wisdom of our ancestors and the indigenous keepers of the land, the inspiration of our peers and the dreams of our future selves we will paint the story of this sacred journey. On a large canvas we will explore new and non-threatening ways to make art, learn to be inspired in every moment and realize that there are no mistakes in the creative process, only opportunities to learn and grow! We will spend our time creating our paintings and mixed media pieces spontaneously and intuitively, with no expectations, a wholehearted approach and an open mind!


Hope you can join us


lots of love Tracy xoxo


Lucy Chen said...

You are an inspiration to many, Tracy. Your art, and your outlook on life. I would love to learn from you in person one day.
I also hope, of course, that with hard work, I may achieve some success as well.

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Things ARE really happening for you. Good on you. You inspire me to dream bigger. BIG hugs to you and best of luck on your adventures, wherever they may take you. Hopefully we will teach along side each other or together one of these days. How cool would that be? Best wishes, Kyles xoxo

Anonymous said...

awesome Tracy! goin to see if I can make it!ox



robin dudley-howes said...

Wow this looks amazing. I found you via WHOA. I'm going over to the site now!

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