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Friday, May 3, 2013

Inspired by Flora again ♥

When Flora Bowley walked into my life a couple of years ago I swear she sprinkled magic fairy dust all over my home.......

my life has been like a magic carpet ride ever since! 

Flora came to our little village of Huskisson, three hours South of Sydney,
 stood in front of the very vision board in my studio that had her photo on it and opened my mind and spirit to infinite possibilities in paint and in life ♥

Thank you beautiful Flora!

I haven't been keeping up with Flora's happenings lately, 
partly because I've just been so incredibly busy
 and partly because I'm in a way cocooning myself a little
 from any outside influence as I work on my book for North Light
 and grow as a teacher and painter.

Somehow though, I just stumbled upon Floras 30 day blog love affair, not having seen any of it while it was in its rapturous stage of becoming but enjoying the first couple of posts I read and thinking about my own commitment to my blog writing itself. I guess that is something to think about when you have a book deal and deadlines and a practice that is slightly undisciplined.....

I totally get the resistance thing that Flora speaks of. I do love my blog and I love the connections I have made with all of the beautiful people that come by and hang out a while.....

the thing is though...

I have kind of an aversion to discipline

the idea of committing to doing something every day kind of makes my jaw clench and my breath a little shallow, and its almost like, in making the commitment, I step into the mechanisms of self sabotage in order to prove that, of course, I don't have it in me to do this.... 

how crazy is that!

How many fasts, how many exercise programs, how many new businesses over the years 
(PLEASE DONT ASK my beautiful husband of 26 years to comment!!).

The minute I decide I am NOT going to drink wine or eat chocolate
 or I AM going to blog/paint/exercise every day, 
my mind goes into overdrive to predict the very opposite! 

I'm actually sweating now as I'm writing this, 
or maybe that's a hot flush!! ;p

Anyways I guess what I'm trying to say is

Flora has inspired me to try this discipline thing
this commitment to writing on my blog without
trying to be wise
every day
 for thirty days

(oh crap what if I fail!)

ok breathe deep...have to run now and feed my family

but I'll be back tomorrow....promise...yikes!

leave you with these images of our two girls

Santana, 19, home for a visit sees the light down the side passage as she pulls up in her car and requests a photo shoot..she's always been that way...

even as a toddler all those years ago ♥

and my baby girl Sienna, once so shy, now claiming her individual style and flair!

Flashback!!! How the years go by so quickly!!!

Ok,,,,Sweet dreams see you tomorrow....

I'm ready to commit ♥


Debbie said...

So glad you are going to post more to your blog! Your art so inspires me!

dd said...

AAAAAaaaaagh, i did this twice from iphone and it deleted it!
meeee tooo i was trying to say :) Flora's inspired me and I'm doing first 21 days in May.. :)
warm fuzzy wishes to you xo

Christine B said...

Beautiful words, Tracy. Beautiful girls, beautiful family. And I first met you at Flora's workshop, so lucky xo

Hollace said...

I wrote a cooment congratulating you and telling you that I have kind of an aversion to discipline, too, but then my stupid computer dropped in a new message cancelling out what I had written and I'm really too undisciplined to do something twice. So good luck with yours!

Leslie van der Heide said...

Nice blog Tracy!
I know what you mean about the little ones growing up so fast. I have two sons and time flu by and now they are both young adults. They both have their own things they are into so why not me? I have found mixed media and that is what I am going to do. thank goodness for the internet because it is so fast. I can read blogs and get to working really fast after being inspired! Great huh?Happy blogging and don't fret, it will all come together, i am sure!

Lynda Wood said...

Hurrah! I was inspired by Flora's 30 day blog love affair too. Technically I 'failed' because my daily blogging stumbled on day 18 and came to a premature and unannounced end on day 23. Did I really 'fail'? No, of course not, I succeeded in doing more blog posts in one month than I ever thought possible, I had fun, I learnt and I confirmed that I really love keeping a blog. Happy blogging!