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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jesse Reno's Australian tour!! Registration now open! :)

Jesse Reno is coming downunder!!!

March 2014
Melbourne. Huskisson. Brisbane.

 I am sooooo excited to be organising Jesse Reno's Australian tour!
He will be teaching 3 three day workshops whilst on Aussie shores, 
8 hours a day of energetic, intuitive painting!

Who wants in?

4th,5th,6th March ~Mt Martha, Vic
8th, 9th, 10th March~ Huskisson, NSW 
15th, 16th, 17th March~ Brisbane, Qld

email me for details and registration

  who and what to expect.....
"I've taught people who have never painted and people who paint full time
so its pretty broad and open........
what I teach is far more about how and why then an outcome...meaning its more about developing techniques and approaches to art then a how to paint something specific class....I push students to further their own work and ideas using my ideas and approaches....
its all about painting, painting over and painting over. layering ideas, changing ideas....
it should be a personal journey that remains free and fun....
in which the creator is engaged in a process that is free of restraint....
painting in many reckless layers, searching for a meaning in random intentions, 
then pulling out the images... this is what I will aim to instill in all of you...."

 Jesse Reno in action!
ps my own workshop schedule for 2014 is still expanding. 
Be sure to check here
for all the news!

Registration is now open for Paint Mojo Newcastle and Mackay as well as Brisbane and Mt Martha Sacred Marks.

 there are only a few twin share spots left in Bali if you'd like to join me for my 8 day Sacred Marks retreat

Have a gorgeous weekend wherever you are!

Much love
Tracy xox

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

for Shiny you ♥


 Today I am writing, working on this book that I have become quite attached to. 

The book I am hoping will be called Paint Mojo.... and hoping I can convince my wonderful publishers North Light that this is the best title :)

and suddenly these words spill out and I know I need to share them with you. 

Maybe they will be in my book, maybe they are words just for this moment. 

I hope they speak some truth for you today. 

I hope you KNOW how awesome you really are!

I hope you know what a wondrous soul you are and how much the world needs YOU to know that....


Somewhere way down deep inside of you there is a gem,

which holds all the wisdom you have ever, or will ever, need.

It may be dusty and it may take some time to shine it

but its essence is untainted.

Open your senses and you will start to see a glimmer from the corner of your eye.

Slow it down and you will open up the breathing space that births a dream.

Cradle your imperfection and wonder at the miracle of each moment.

You are at the centre of that miraculous NOW.

Pay attention to the whispers that linger in the sacred silence.

Grasp them with a determined fist, give them wings through loving action, and then gently open your hand to let them fly.

Each one of us has access to a field of infinite possibilities and each one of us holds the key to allowing.

No need to wait until you know everything….each day is a day to learn anew.

Will you open the window wide to leap or choose to stay in a prison of your own making?

~Tracy Verdugo

Shine on sweet friends! More news on upcoming workshops very soon including my 2014 schedule (some already open for registration here ) AND Jesse Reno's Downunder tour next March!

Oh and if you haven't already come on over and joined my new FB group for Paint Mojo seekers and explorers across the planet click here to join in the fun! :)

Until next time!

lots of love Tracy xoxo

Thursday, July 4, 2013

An announcement kind of week! Watch this space ♥


Hello lovelies!
Just a quick one as I've been on the computer all morning and I'm starting to go cross eyed!
I'm trying to become all super duper organised which is not my usual style so I've been working on my 2014 workshop dates, locking in all the venues and adding them to my workshops page 

Then I decided, rather than bombard you with all of them at once, I will announce them over the coming week, a couple at a time. They may seem a long way off but if you want to come, jump in quickly. Brisbane is already a third full after announcing on FB this morning! 


Totally enjoying having both of the girls home for the hols! Santana has decided to take a break from studies and will be travelling for a while with her new boyfriend Remi~ first stop Byron Bay!

Looks like this little poppet will be hanging out with us for a while!

watch out little fishies!

Make sure to email me if you'd like to register for a workshop!

until next time!
Happy Tracy xo♥

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Have I mentioned that consistency is not my middle name?

 Good morning beautiful friends and fellow creative seekers!

Thank you to all of those who followed faithfully along during my thirty days of blog lovin' in May.
I am sure I have mentioned to you before that consistency is definitely NOT my middle name so it should come as no surprise that I went from blogging every day in a month to not blogging at all the entire month of June!

Don't be fooled into thinking that this means nothing has been happening in my world though....
its full steam ahead here as usual and I promise I will fill you in on a wonderful month over the coming weeks.

Here are a few of the highlights of the month~  

12 days in the beautiful Mornington peninsula, Victoria teaching two Paint Mojo workshops and staying with the beautiful Baker family ♥ Thank you Liza, Michael, Tully and Flynn~ I feel like I have gained even more new family :)

 Students creating "feeling" paintings in response to a poem.

 My demo in progress....

 and finished! I left it behind for Liza and family to enjoy :)

 brrrr...a beautiful, crisp walk on the beach!

 an inspirational space to teach in at the Briars Mt Martha! Am already booked in to teach there again Sept 2014 :)

 arrived  home for a few days and then took Sienna and friends to Sydney where they headed off to the HUGE Supernova pop culture convention and Santana and I spent the day in the city visiting art galleries and shopping :)

 we also shared some mulled wine at a very cool bar

 while listening to some funky jazz musicians..loved this time together and savouring each moment before she heads off to Byron Bay next month to live and travel for a while with her new guy..
(Studies? Dont ask! I just go with the flow and try to remember its her life to explore ♥)

I've also been working hard on my book for North Light Publications AND getting ready to announce my 2014 line up of workshops so stay tuned over the coming weeks! You can see a sneak peek of where I'm teaching here and put your name on the pre-registration list for any 2014 workshop by emailing me at

One exciting announcement for today is that for the whole month of June Connie is having a sale on her 21 Secrets online journalling class! I am so excited to be one of the teachers and students are having so much fun. Come on over and join us! Click here for all the details! :)

and one last thing before I head back to my room to write~  I am over the moon excited to be bringing my friends Orly Avineri and Jesse Reno to teach in Australia next January and March! Orlys workshops are almost full with just a couple of spots left Jan 11 and 12 and registration for Jesse's workshops in Melbourne, Jervis Bay, Sydney and Brisbane will open within the next couple of weeks. 

Email me now to go on the pre registration list and to have first chance of a place. 

Both workshops will be amazing!!

wishing you all a fantabulous weekend of creativity and inspiration!


Lots of love Tracy ♥ xox