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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jesse Reno's Australian tour!! Registration now open! :)

Jesse Reno is coming downunder!!!

March 2014
Melbourne. Huskisson. Brisbane.

 I am sooooo excited to be organising Jesse Reno's Australian tour!
He will be teaching 3 three day workshops whilst on Aussie shores, 
8 hours a day of energetic, intuitive painting!

Who wants in?

4th,5th,6th March ~Mt Martha, Vic
8th, 9th, 10th March~ Huskisson, NSW 
15th, 16th, 17th March~ Brisbane, Qld

email me for details and registration

  who and what to expect.....
"I've taught people who have never painted and people who paint full time
so its pretty broad and open........
what I teach is far more about how and why then an outcome...meaning its more about developing techniques and approaches to art then a how to paint something specific class....I push students to further their own work and ideas using my ideas and approaches....
its all about painting, painting over and painting over. layering ideas, changing ideas....
it should be a personal journey that remains free and fun....
in which the creator is engaged in a process that is free of restraint....
painting in many reckless layers, searching for a meaning in random intentions, 
then pulling out the images... this is what I will aim to instill in all of you...."

 Jesse Reno in action!
ps my own workshop schedule for 2014 is still expanding. 
Be sure to check here
for all the news!

Registration is now open for Paint Mojo Newcastle and Mackay as well as Brisbane and Mt Martha Sacred Marks.

 there are only a few twin share spots left in Bali if you'd like to join me for my 8 day Sacred Marks retreat

Have a gorgeous weekend wherever you are!

Much love
Tracy xox


Jann Parkes said...

Yay! I'm in!
Jann xxx

Anna Micciulla said...

Jesse Reno's work is so amazing! His thought process and creative journey is inspiring. I love the way he lets go of layers and paints on with pure artistic intuition. I'm jealous of all you lucky aussies!

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