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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seth Apter's new book!!

Ok so I don't post for 6 weeks and then twice in one day!! I never said I was consistent! ;p

What I forgot to mention today amongst the excitement about my own book is that I am THRILLED to be one of the spotlight artists in Seth Apter's new book The Mixed Media Artist

I read Seth's first book the Pulse of Mixed Media a couple of years ago and was over the moon thrilled when he asked me to contribute to his second. Seth is the kind of person I would love to have over for dinner to talk about life, art and philosophy, a gorgeous human with a sparkling smile. He also makes great art! He has the kind of attitude of curiosity and wonder that I try to impart to my students. 

Seth asked me all kinds of interesting questions that actually helped me to define for myself how I approach my art making and creative life. I cant remember much of what I answered but I know it was thought provoking and I cant wait to see the whole book and look into the lives of the other wonderful spotlight artists also when I get home to Australia.

In the meantime for the whole month of October Seth is having a huge giveaway!

Head on over to his blog to meet the other featured artists in this wonderful book and leave a comment to be in the giveaway draw!

....and dont forget to add the book to your shopping cart. Sometimes a glimpse into the creative thinking of other artists can be a great affirmation in allowing us to make our own path more clearly defined :))


Seth said...

Thanks for a wonderful contribution to this book Tracy...and for your generous words in this post!

Jo Murray said... go from strength to strength.

Jacki Long said...

Congratulations Tracy! I am looking forward to seeing your work! Also Congratulations on your new book!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Oh yes, yes, your book sounds amazing and I can hardly wait to see it. Congratulations on being in Seth's book. Anxiously waiting to see that one, too.