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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paint Mojo Portugal July 2015!

Hello my creative adventurers!

Over the next several weeks, each Thursday, we will do some dreaming together as I introduce all of the longer workshops and retreats I will be facilitating in 2015 (and begin to plan for 2016) and invite you to gift yourself the space and time to join me in one of several very special places next year, for a more expansive journey into finding your mojo and nurturing your creative spirit. Some will be all inclusive, others partially so or workshop only. More information on each can be found here

Lets talk about Portugal......

a place of "medieval castles, cobblestoned villages, captivating cities and golden beaches" says Lonely Planet.....

Image credit: Next trip tourism 
A place that I am thrilled to be teaching at in July 2015, and not just a small two day affair mind you, but a full six day creative experience.

"Imagine, explore, create and discover while breathing in the 
inspiration of the gorgeous Estoril~Cascais region in Portugal!
I am so excited to be teaching at Margarida’s lovely studio in 2015. We 
have been planning and dreaming for so long and now it is becoming a 
reality. Portugal has been top of the list as a European destination for 
Marco and I for a long time so this is truly a dream come true. Traveling is 
such a huge love for me, exploring other cultures, connecting, wandering, 
wondering, and learning more about myself by learning about others. I 
hope you can join me!!"

My wonderful friend Margarida Alberty will be my host in her fabulous studio and I am beside myself with excitement thinking about what she has planned for us!

Here's what Margarida has to say about the beautiful area she lives in!
"We want to give you the opportunity to experience the creative side of the workshops, and also discover what Portugal has to offer.
This is a great way to explore places of interest and get in touch with real Portuguese life by experiencing great food, wine, traditions, music (Fado), scenery and history of this beautiful, ancient European country.
We are ideally located at a beach resort near Lisbon (28 km) and close to the hills of Sintra - a historical world heritage site.
You can plan a wonderful vacation where you enjoy Portugal and the Paint Mojo workshop at the same time.
What are you doing between
29th July - 5th August

Why not join me in Estoril?

Cost-$925-workshop price only

**students are responsible for their own accommodation, meals and transportation**
Some affordable accommodation is available at Margarida's lovely property and can be organised directly through her. Many other options available close by. Airbnb is one of my favorite places to book accommodation and they have some awesome places in Estoril!
During this wonderful week of painting, sketching, photography, mixed media and playful exploration in Portugal, you will intermingle your senses, rekindle your creative mojo and find ways to cultivate your own authentic mark, all from a place of curiosity, wonder and gratitude!
With camera and sketchbook in hand, we will gather daily inspiration from forays into the surrounding towns, to markets and monuments, beautiful beaches and colourful village streetscapes, feeling the passion of our surroundings, and bringing all of this to our art practice each day in Margarida’s large and delightful studio.
(morning or afternoon sessions with one day free to explore).
Our tastebuds will also be titillated as we dine on the delicious regional foods, of course with seafood and local wines a specialty!
This special week will enliven your senses, enhance your creative journey and expand your joy parameters!
Suitable for all levels of creative exploration...

Estoril Cascais
"That's where we'll be having the workshop. It's a beach town with a lot to see. There is a promenade along the Atlantic with small creeks and beaches, Restaurants and Handicrafts fair, Cabo the Roca, the most western part of Europe with great views, and natural landscapes. 
I can also take you to some little secrets..." says Margarida.

A world heritage site with so many palaces and castles and beautiful sights. A wonderland with magic. (just 15 minute ride from studio).

Would love to hang out in Portugal with you!
Last week we dreamt about Ireland
Next week we talk about Italy!
Until then
lots of love Tracy xox

ps remember you can find more info on all of my upcoming workshops and online courses here :)

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JackieP Neal said...

I love dreaming with you Tracy! maybe someday it could be a reality- till then...ahhhhh! The splendor of dreams! xo