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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art is you, Santa Rosa Registration OPEN!

Kyla (Tracy's assistant) here, 
just checking in briefly to let you in on some good news! 

ART IS YOU, Santa Rosa in 2016 has just opened for registration!!!  

But before you head on over there and sign up, I have some more nice news...Which is, if you click through this discount code here to register, you will get $20 off your registration fee! See it was worth the reading on!

The full workshop schedule is here, for your curious eyes.

Tracy will be teaching a master class, The Magical mystery tour at Art is you ; where unusual hats are encouraged and you will be transported "back to a time where play, curiosity and wonder were our natural state. A time before life became oh so serious!" (Tracy Verdugo). 
Read more about this three day journey here!

As you were creative beings.

Kyla Stone, Tracy's sidekick xo

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