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Friday, December 30, 2016

First winners announced!!

Oh my two days in a row!!

That hasn't happened in a while!!

It's important business you guys! 

I have gifts to give away!!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments. 
I LOVE reading them and feeling your joy and gratitude. 

Keep 'em coming on my 2016 recap post here and keep sharing for more chances to win!!

I'll be announcing winners for the next two days!!

I'll also share with you a few other special memories from 2016...

like catching up with teenage besties!!!

 Such fun to reconnect with Sydney best friends Megan and Fabienne (and Fabienne's sweet mama Marie) after 36 years!!!!

I moved away from Sydney when I was almost 15 and we didn't have the same kind of ease of keeping in touch back then. These ancient blurry pics are from a very special album they sent me as a gift after I had moved. 

We don't look too shabby after all these years do we!! 

and then I also got to spend some time with one of my Gold Coast besties Stacey! She was always a sweetheart and nothing has changed there either!! That's us all glammed up for our year 12 formal.

So fun to reconnect and share memories. Love these women!!

So........... just before I announce todays winners

I am so excited to announce that my popular online ecourse Paint Mojo will be running for the very last time in January!!

If you haven't yet experienced this six week Mojo finding, creativity sparking, life changing class and community now is your LAST chance!!

"I literally can't say enough about how Tracy's ecourse changed my life, but if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say that she reinforced the notion that there are no mistakes in creativity. everything good or bad, liked or not, was a springboard into something else. I learnt that in art as in life, it is a journey through layers and colors, full of texture and imagination, and that transition and change is the name of the game, to be embraced at all levels. Tracy's courses teach us a gentle and creative way of living and being, on and off the canvas."_ Jenn Ashton
Is it time to find your mojo and make your mark??
Early bird registration will be open on January 1st!!! Just $197 for over 50 hours of video tutorials over six weeks...... and much more!

Stay tuned!!

ps all alumnis of previous Paint Mojo ecourse sessions are offered a $35 alumni deal to be a part of the January session. Email me at if you missed this special offer via email.

"My experience of your online and in person classes is this: You are authentic, grounded,vulnerable and generous. No hype, just great techniques from a lovely person.But there is more. There is an idea in spirituality of "transmission". From a great spiritual teacher there is a transmission of spiritual experience or knowledge. From you I have such a profound transmission of creativity. You are connected to a deep creative well and that has been your gift to me. You have connected me to a creative source that I had no experience of and had no idea existed" - Lisa Page

 and now......
todays winners are!!!
two spots in the January session of Paint Mojo the ecourse go to

Kathy H


Big congrats to you both!!

ps feel free to come back and add your email :)

and before I go,  
two more winners who get to choose from one of my Mini Mojo classes! Congratulations to....


Please email me at and let me know which class you would like to take. 
You can take a look at the choices right here

Please keep leaving your comments on the previous 2016 blog recap post for more chances to win and never ever forget that you are a child of the Universe, made of stardust and love and perfect as you are, in this moment and every moment.

much love and Happy New Years Eve from Australia!!!! 


Sandy Roe said...

I forgot to leave email with my comment, and really hoping to win a spot in your class - it looks AMAZING.

connie w said...

here is my email! this course looks awesome!

Kim Mailhot said...

Congrats to the winners! See you at Paint Mojo 2017!

Laura Morris said...

So much talent!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Wishing you an amazingly healthy and creative new year!!!

natski said...

Congratulations to the winners and A Happy New Year to You All :)

Glenda Hoagland said...

OMG..... what a way to end the year. i am so excited and email address is Thank you ever so much. Happy Nw Year and thank you everyone for the congratulations.

Lindy T said...

I would love to be part of your class! I enjoyed your book. Thank you Traci!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring! Blessings to you. ❤

Jo Murray said...

Your classes look like heaps of fun. Let's face it....even serious illness couldn't keep YOU away. Good on you Tracey.

lori said...

Ahhhhhh! Forgot my email! Just in case! :)
I think I forgot.......

Janet Heritage said...

Wow!!! Lucky winners!!!You are the blessed!!!

Jane said...

Enjoyed your book, and then your class. Congrats to winners and Happy New Year to all!

Peace Health Happiness :-)) Art & Peace; Creativity said...

Loving your Art and your art of sharing.
Love sharing these opportunities on FB
Love a place in your e course
Best wishes for the new all

Barbara said...

Oh my, I stumbled upon your page few days ago and I can't get enough of your paintings, your mojo .... looking at your book at everything ... stunning!

Lyna Lou Nordstrom said...

I too forgot to leave my email!
I am grateful tor your sharing!

Lyna Lou Nordstrom said...

Hi Tracy,
I wrote lots & it disappeared!
So an attempt at recap!
I am grateful for new friends Lian & Doug & Doug's mom Ethel Jean. We shared Christmas!
I am also grateful to have my car back which was hit while parked in August. They did a great job pounding out the quarter panel and made it totally inspected. It is running great!

Your classes look like they are filled with joy & fun! Would be a treat to take one!

Peace Health Happiness :-)) Art & Peace; Creativity said...

Loving your Art and your art of sharing.
Love sharing these opportunities on FB
Love a place in your e course
Best wishes for the new all ;

Atik Birnes said...

Forgot to leave my email as well: What a great giveaway.
I am greatful and blessed for my hubby, my cats, my mom and sister, my closest friends. They may be small in number, but I'm glad that they're in my life.
I'm glad I can live in freedom, despite all the signals of terrorism danger in Western Europe nowadays, I still feel safe and enjoy my life as much as I can

Best wishes to all of you

Unknown said...

I am closing my eyes and seeing you select me!!!! And if not me then another creative person will find joy and peace !!!! This is such a generous

Jackie P Neal said...

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners, especially Glenda Hoagland!!
You 70's/80's? girls are rockin in your outfits! heehee
Love to you xo

Jacqualine Hart said...

How great to see ol' friends again! I remember how fun it was to get together with my high school friends.

Congrats to the winners and here's hoping. LOL

Denise Girardin said...

As always Tracy, I am inspired by all that you say and do. Truly a gift to us all. I'm so lucky to have had you has my very first teacher! Denise Girardin,

Angelwolfstorm said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Lei Salario said...

I am always inspired by you Tracy☺ Thank you for sharing your passion ❤

Verena Solve Fay — medium & artist said...

Hi Tracy!
I would love to win a paint mojo spot, I have your book and am so curious on the course as many friends mentioned it to be so great!
thank you <3
love Verena Fay

Cindy Sutton said...

I saw the email thing this morning, I left a comment and
shared on 3 social sites...
my Fan page, Divine Love

email is

Thank you Tracy I would love to win a course,keeping my fingers crossed...
Happy New Year

Linda V said...

Wishing you well in the new year. My email
Linda Vick in Portland, Oregon

Betty Adele said...

This course looks fantastic & I would love the opportunity to win a chance to take it. I recovered from a serious illness & am now looking forward to moving on with my life & getting back into my art.

My google account is bwhlebopp@gmail,com

but I'm more likely to receive my email if it is mailed to

Susan Burgess said...

This gal has always wanted to take your Mojo class and am sad you are not going to do another one. I wish I could afford to take it now but am trying to give the village of Namayumba a clean water well since not many have donated, may have to make up the difference soon.
Praying for you and am planning to send you a package soon. Meant to send it before Christmas but well am bogged down so much during the holidays I didn't and am feeling badly about that.
Please know your health and entire family are in my prayers. I have grown to love you over the years Tracy. You are a kind, generous,spectacular artist and person.
Happiness and health in this New Year of 2017!
Love, Susan Burgess

Anonymous said...

Dear Tracy,
Please enter me in the draw for the ecourse - I've always wanted to take a course with you. I love your work and your generous and kind spirit! Happy New Year to you and your family!
With love and thanks,
Cathie Dunlop

Annie H. said...

You are an inspiration to each of us. I love your zest for life and your creative talents. May the new year bring you more joy and love and creative energy.

Congratulations to the winners! :)

hennies.pennies said...

I'm so excited to read that I have one a spot in January's Mojo class. How awesome this year is starting for me!! Thank you, thank you for this tremendous gift!! I can't wait!!

Be especially blessed, Kathy H

artlover said...

Didn't post my email with my comment
Thanks for your inspiration!

Creative Soul Juice - Hobby Parent said...

Hi Tracy, I've left a couple of emails for you about winning a spot in the Mini Mojo class. I was hoping to start working on it today for New Years. Did you receive anything? ~Hobby (hobby Parent at gmail)

Creative Soul Juice - Hobby Parent said... said...

Congratulations to the first winners!! I came back to hive you my email, thanks for the chance -

Gracias, Carmen Lucero
cal8007 at aol dot com