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Monday, April 25, 2011

from little things big things grow- September workshop with Hollyeva and I!!

"this day awaits you" Tracy Verdugo...mixed media on canvas

Did you ever meet someone you just felt an instant connection with?

Someone who you just knew was on the same path, looking out at the world through
the same lens as you?

That just happened to me....

A couple of months ago I started a little conversation with the irrepressible
Miss Hollyeva and once we started we just couldn't stop!

For those of you who have not yet met Holly pop on over to her blog here for a little peek at her inspiring work......


Holly and I are putting our heads and our hearts together for a fabulous weekend of creative work shopping in beautiful Jervis Bay in September this year!!

We met last Saturday at my place and I wish we had taken a pic together but the truth is we hardly stopped talking long enough to take a breath!

So very excited to work on this together...Holly and I both have the same passion for helping others tap into their creative flow and what better time to let your true nature unfurl than Springtime! We'll let you know when we have all of the details but please let us know if you would like to come as there will only 15 spots and it looks like we're a third full already before we've even finalised the details... all we can tell you right now is that we're going to help you over the weekend to grow into a whole new shiny version of you, throw out those things that aren't serving you and walk bravely into a new world where you give yourself permission to explore, be inspired and get messy in the best way!

Over the course of the weekend we'll be starting small, finding inspiration in some unexpected places and then slowly building up to creating in a more expansive way on might expect to dabble in a little bit of this.....

and a little bit of this

to end up with you very own concertina journey this...

Then maybe we'll try a bit of this

to find some of this

and a whole lot of this

Holly and I find inspiration everywhere and we intend to help you slide into an inspiration avalanche during a weekend filled with surprises, fun and treasure seeking.... On Sunday we'll take everything we've learned, collected, cut up, journalled, get out our canvases and lay it down large scale!! So excited... would love to have you join us... stay posted for more details and have a blissful and bold week!
Tracy xox

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling the love with Flora Bowley!

One of my finished works from the weekend...

The whole crew!!

Last weekend I attended my first ever art workshop. Never one to start small I also happened to be the organiser of the event...and of course it wasn't just any old teacher, it was with the awesomely groovy, hip, wise and generous Flora Bowley whose photo I had placed on my vision board last year!! Flora arrived on the Thursday afternoon and we spent a couple of days getting to know each other..what a treat to hang out with Flora at mi casa! Saturday morning arrived and Flora made some avocado on toast while I went out to the studio to get my gear. Wheeling my trolley through the house I noticed copious amounts of a clear liquid spilling out all over the floor and Navajo rug!! Somehow the lid had broken off a large bottle of FLOW RELEASE and there it was flowing away all over the floor! Ten minutes, two towels and 3 sponges later the metaphor dawned on me...flow release! What a fitting start to the weekend!

Flora and I

We headed out to the amazing location of Worrowing (thanks to our lovely hosts Jenny and Adrian Robertson) and soon the place was buzzing with an excited frenzy of creative ephemera and expectation....


we staked out our spots and settled into 2 days of expressive artmaking, eagerly listening and watching as Flora generously shared her techniques and philosophy on being in the flow.

Lanette painted two beautiful canvases, one t-shirt and a pair of shorts!

We moved our bodies to unstick the energy, played with paint with fingers, sticks, foam, stamps and brushes and tried to stay in our hearts and bodies with an occasional foray into our heads!

Judith getting in the flow...

Our paintings went through several incarnations over the 2 days and we learnt to enjoy the process rather than try to control the outcome.

Flora shows us how its done!

We silenced our inner critics by slathering affirmations across the wall, enjoyed scrumptious communal lunches that everyone brought to share and gave each other encouragement as our paintings unfolded.

Cathy and Jay getting their groove thang on!

Artists at work!

We shared the things we were grateful for, danced with our eyes closed in the morning sun and enjoyed the visits from one gorgeous four legged friend who was probably wondering what on earth we were doing throwing paint all around his stable!

Christine and our four-legged visitor

Julie and Mariette's creative corner...

Robbie and Julie Mc's corner of creative outpourings!

By the end of the weekend we were inspired and the best way! We finished off with a show and tell and plan to gather our works next month for a group exhibition to show off our awesomeness! So wonderful to meet and spend creative time with such a wonderful group of creative women. Cant wait to organise my own Springtime workshops!..I learnt so much from Flora..I am truly grateful..thank you to everyone and namaste!

Cathie's canvases exploded with colour!

Jann shows and tells her beautiful works!

A moment of reflection and gratitude

First time painter Marg completed these incredible works even while feeling slightly under the weather!

Gabe got stuck and then unstuck..what a privilege to be a part of her journey!

My turn for show and tell!

Christine's paintings were opposites, one wild and free, one calm and reflective...

Sue's beautiful watery landscapes!

Nina with her bold and beautiful abstracts!

Jules and her amazing finished works :)

Cheeky Julie bundled these 2 beauties into her camper and took off with Flora into the great unknown!

First time painter Mariette also amazed us with her vibrant works :)

Marilyn shows her works with a smile of satisfaction!

Can you tell Cathy had a great time?

Jay shares her works and thoughts with us

Julie shows her stuff!!

Lanette wowed us with her colourful works!

Robbie gave herself permission to create, create, create!!

Judith shines with her finished works :)

ps our wonderful host Jenny was busy looking after us much of the time so her paintings were not quite finished..will post pics when she sends them on over to me xo

Friday, April 8, 2011

Op shop treasures!

Truth is...I'm supposed to be writing another post right now about the amazing weekend of painting and discovering we just shared with the beautiful Miss Flora Bowley....will definitely be doing that sometime over the weekend but its going to be a long much to say and stay posted!! In the meantime just had to share my op shop finds from yesterday. Finished work and am officially on 2 and a half weeks where is the first place I head? The local op shop of course! For all my O/S friends the "op-shop" in Australia is short for Opportunity Shop (don't you just love that?!) and is roughly equivalent to the American thrift store. So I take 2 steps into the shop and run headlong into my friend Pam who says " Tracy! I have something for you!!" (ooooh a surprise! I love surprises!) So Pam has been carrying around a gorgeous basket in her car, hoping to run into me.Her mum purchased it in Mexico sometime in the fifties and Pam wanted to give it to someone who would appreciate it..she was a little worried I might find it a bit kitschy but no way...I love it!!!

Thank you so much for thinking of me Pam! So after I tucked my beautiful new/old basket in the car I headed back inside and came across some vintage curtains (circa 1970) all orange and olive with gorgeous designs..had to have those! This morning I cut them up for my kids workshop next week in which we will be making gratitude flags.....did I mention I LOVE the Op shop!!

Back later with all the exciting Flora workshop news! have a blissful day my bloggy(what a weird word!) friends.....

hasta luego

Tracy xo