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Wanderlust and wonderment-update four

**Note I'm now calling these travel posts updates as my desire to post daily doesn't seem to match the amount of hours I actually have in the day! Enjoy and big hugs from Dublin! After a fabulous weekend in Brighton with 24 beautiful creatives, a catch up with my amazing friend Erin Faith Allen who came to paint and film moi for her documentary series on women artists, and a perfect home stay with the amazing Tamara Laporte and family, it was time for mi amor and I to head off to the Welsh countryside for three days of rest and respite before my upcoming five day retreat in West Cork Ireland.  the lovely Clare Campbell founder of Big Love Sista lost in splendiferous colour!  the irrepressible Tam and I- so excited to announce that I will be teaching in Life Book again in 2016!  We arrived at our Airbnb studio in the Welsh countryside and settled in before enjoying this magnificent sunset, looking forward to days ahead of rambling through fields

Wanderlust and wonderment-day three

Hola chiquitas! Trying to remember to check in here with you all and just realised at 11pm that I hadn't!  Here's just a little glimpse of a day of magic and incredibly beautiful scenery!  After two days of rain and wind the sun came out and mi amor and I headed South to the mystical ruins of Tintagel in Cornwall, heralded as the birthplace of King Arthur.  After Tintagel we visited the incredibly beautiful historic fishing village of a Clovelly in Devon. We walked up and down ancient stairways, through narrow cobblestones streets, over beaches strewn with millions of rocks, into the magical Merlins cave..... A day to remember indeed!  Missing our sweet girls every day but grateful to be on this journey with my love.  Wherever we go the kitties find him for a little love. He has a lot to give ❤️ Noches lovely ones. Leaving this beautiful place tomorrow Brighton bound 😄 Lots of love Tracy 💕💕💕💕

Wanderlust and wonderment-day two

It's a wild and blustery day here on the coast of Devon. Actually the first day of Summer but feels like the kind of windy Winters day back home that would see us snuggling in front of the fire.  Marco braved the elements to head out for a kitesurfing session and was almost blown off to the Caribbean ( I think that's what might be across the other side of this vast ocean!) He managed to navigate safely back to shore and is currently doing his yoga stretches on the floor in front of me before we head across to our "local" for a meal and an ale.  I stayed inside mostly, working on an upcoming article and tutorial for Cloth Paper Scissors. Trying to capture the essence and impressions of this new and beautiful landscape....mixing more muted colours, open to new discoveries.  The image above is how the piece actually looks right now and the image below is with a filter overlayed, more like where I should really be pushing it to, if I want to convey what's outside the