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Day 30~ 30 days of blog lovin' I made it to the finish line!!

Hello beautiful friends! Some seriously crazy conversations going on in my head today! If you had of told me I had perfectionistic tendencies ten years ago I would have said you were nuts! I would have protested that I was the easy going one married to a perfectionist and that it was super hard to live with blah, blah, blah..... I was looking into a mirror and refusing to see the same thing in myself. This need to have it just right to say it just so and to have you approve that's the big one for me I've been struggling with this for the past couple of months doubting my own writing voice running a continuous inner dialogue of comparison  and finding myself lacking all of the things I talk to my students about all of the things I want to help you get over So earlier this week when I felt I had "finished" my narrative for chapters 1-3 of my book I sent of a little bit of my writing to a dear, trusted friend, and then sw