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in my world lately.....♥

   Good morning beautiful friends, family and fellow creatives!   The weather continues to be gorgeous here in our little paradise and even though Winter is on its way we are still in Summer clothes :)    Beautiful elephants continue to appear in my paintings! You can read about the inspiration behind these paintings here  AND I experienced a complete paradigm shift when 4 of them sold in one weekend..... on FACEBOOK! Who would have thunk it!!  I especially loved this little poppet who flew off to live in the U.S ♥   and THEN out of this demo painting, started at a workshop.... Tracy Verdugo. 2013. The Elephant and the Butterfly:A Change Whose Time has Come. acrylic/mixed media on canvas. 76x76cm (30x30"). $1600 appeared this powerful beauty... now this one may be hard to part with and prints will definitely be coming soon!  I've been LOVING Misty Mawn's Face to Face online workshop.  She is such an