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Free as a bird

Hola my little petunias! Yes its Spring here in Australia♥ Glorious wonderful Spring the time when I get a little goofy and say things like "Hola my little petunias!" the time when I get my hands in the dirt and plant some little seedlings  to provide us with summer salads the time when the beautiful Koels fly all the way from New Guinea to live in our backyard a while and wait for the mulberries to ripen a time for throwing open doors  and stepping out onto the balcony barefoot to greet the morning sun a time to stroll around the garden and revel in the  profusion of daisies and nasturtiums tumbling down the fence self seeded, just doing their own thing year after year... a time for completion, like this massive buffalo commission  I have been working on for more than a year finally finished  I have fallen in love with it ♥ but soon it will be on its way to Florida to live with my beautiful Aunt