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Thirty day painting challenge! On letting go and the art of allowing...

Hello lovely friends and family!! Today I'm excited to share my experience  of a  thirty day painting challenge  with you all....... It started towards the end of our trip when I began to notice my dear friend Judy Wise posting raw, energetic, quirky, exploratory paintings to FB with enigmatic captions, documenting a thirty day process of painting on the same canvas, over and over with the hashtag #judyschallenge and #paintoniteverydayforthortydays The images were sooooo compelling and Judy talked about her growth as an artist through the process so I decided that once I was home and settled I would give it a whirl for myself! If you'd like to read about Judy's experience jump on right on over here but don't forget to come back. Something pretty amazing happened for me during this challenge!  I learned to let go and truly allow in a deeper way than ever before. a couple of FYI's * I did not work on this challenge every single co

Day nine!! Last chance to win and a few luscious landscapes!

early morning beauty St Pete Beach Florida Thank you sooooo much for joining me over these past several weeks as I have attempted to encapsulate and share my reflections on an amazing year~ 2015! Your love and support has been an invaluable gift as we journeyed through so many luscious landscapes across the world.....  today I thought I'd share just a few with you to wrap up my giveaway before we draw the winners! We've also decided to give you all an extra 24 hours to comment and spread the love,  so the winners (all nine days worth!!) will be drawn Jan 12th 8pm PST Be sure to leave a comment one each of the nine posts and let me know if you share on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more chances. Oh and PLEASE make sure that we know how to find you if you win! As we moved across so many different landscapes I found myself filled with a new appreciation for this beautiful Earth..... from our little studio in Wales we looked out over the sheep