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Day 29 & 30!~Thirty days of gratitude ♥

 Hello, hello!! I cant believe its the end of my thirty days of gratitude blogging. Not that the feeling ever much to be grateful for in this world. I hope you've enjoyed reading along with me...... Things are ramping up in the countdown to my departure on Saturday and I'll be away from home for 9 weeks, teaching 10 workshops across the U.S You can imagine the frenzy I am in right now!  I've been busy painting these little 3x3" canvases inspired by the newly sprung Spring!! I'll be taking them with me along with prints, cards and CD's to sell at my workshops....but one of them will be going out to the lucky winner of my Gratitude giveaway which I will draw on Friday before I leave. That gives you a few more days to spread the word and comment on as many of my gratitude posts as you like, each comment = 1 chance to win! If you share a link to me blog and let me know that is another chance.. Good luck everyone!!  I'm also grat

Day 27 & 28~ Thirty days of gratitude

A big family weekend these past few days so I didn't get to blog yesterday but its never hard to catch up with things to be grateful for.... waking up this morning to dolphins playing and this beautiful view from the home of some of our closest friends Graeme, Danielle, Aidan and Ave...... who celebrated the birthday of our gorgeous Santana Luz who turned 20 yesterday. She was sooooo excited to not be a teenager anymore! On the drive down to meet them last night Marco surprised us both by pulling into Milton Hospital, where she was born, and telling her how the moment she came into this world twenty years ago was the best of his life at that point....... He has such a tender heart this man of mine and we are all so grateful to have him... Happy fathers day mi amor! I know you often feel overwhelmed by the dominant feminine energy in our household( 1 wife, 2 daughters, 2 female felines) but I want you to know that it is your love and guidance that has