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Playing with rocks and shells

Last weekend I took some time out. I drove to a secluded spot in the National Park near our home and climbed over boulders waiting for inspiration to find me......I played with rocks and collected shells. Its been a week and a bit and I'm still feeling a subtle buzz and a centredness that had been missing for some time...maybe we should all take a day alone in nature more often. Could it be that easy? Slide 2 A little rocky journey in progress...sometimes life is like that . To my surprise the rocks headed straight back towards the grotto that I was collecting them from...a sort of homecoming....a return to is like that too........ :) Back in the studio I laid out my treasures and placed them against small textured papers that I had created several weeks earlier...some of them turned out quite beautifully. They are still sitting there on my studio table waiting for me. I wonder what they will become?


Excuse me for floundering around but this is all new to me and my first blog has already disappeared once so time to try again. persistence..isn't that what it's all about. I was listening to someone speak yesterday on blogtalk radio about how most successful artists are the ones that don't give up, the ones that just keep plodding along and slowly working towards their dream. DREAM..yep thats a big one to hold onto but i guess first you have to have a pretty clear one to envision. The Universe isn't that great at sorting through all the flotsam spinning around in our overstimulated 21st Century minds do try and be as clear as you can. MY DREAM is to create every day and to make a fabulous income from that creating, to teach others to free their own awesome creativity and to travel the world teaching and making art. is that clear enough UNIVERSE?? ha ha..those big bold letters make me sound impatient. I'm not really (well sometimes i am) but I do understand about