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Home sweet home~snippets from the New Year!

  Happy New Year sweet friends! May it be a year of wonder and possibility for you, Much laughter and love and an abundance of serendipitous moments, lush happenings and peace in each present moment :)   My word for 2013 is CLARITY I know that many of you can relate..... as creative souls with a multitude of ideas all shooting off in different directions at once a tendency to work on many things at the same time and then to succumb to moments of overwhelm when it ALL.GETS.TOO.MUCH. I know I'm not alone in this! So CLARITY it is for me this means working on  simplifying my world, decluttering organising setting up systems to make things flow more easily and so it is.....   We started the year with some reassessing of things.  a realization that for many reasons music would take a backseat for a while. So out to the recording studio we went for a makeover and now thanks to Airbnb we are able

2012~The year of Brave.New.Dreams and Possibilities

  70, 000 plus miles travelled in 2012, living the reality of what was, only months before, a dream.  i apologise in advance for the length of this post. it was a massive year and if you are kind enough to read all the way to the end and leave me a little hello in the comments section i will put your name in a hat or a bucket with everyone else's and one of you will win a painting...okay now go make yourself a cuppa and settle in :) in January i launched an exhibition of new paintings in our little village of Huskisson and hung out with the beautiful Louise Gale when she came to visit!  and then...up, up and away! January~ An International exhibition in Koh Samui Thailand..who moi?? Pinch!  The whole family got to come...we enjoyed some new beverages!    shopped a little-well a lot!  i got to judge a mural competition and had to pick a winner (so hard!) from these talented Thai artists  we hiked to a hidden water