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butterflies in my tummy....OR...breathing through the overwhelm!

Hi all...its been a little bit quiet from my side hasn't it? Lots happening and continuing to happen in this girls life... a very strange start to the year and not as anticipated with me being laid out on my back for three days over New years with horrible lower back spasms... just started getting that under control with a few visits to my lovely physio when WHAMMO!!! an attack of yucky IBS right in the middle of a long anticipated visit from the gorgeous Louise Gale !! we managed to have a lovely time anyways even though I probably shouldn't have been eating that raspberry chocolate chip muffin under the circumstances! In the midst of all this painting, painting, painting ...finally finished two commissions that my poor friend Angela had been waiting for for 6 months...this one is her on her new vespa! She really is the cutest! Also been painting for two exhibitions, one which opened last weekend and has been very successful with 5 paintings sold so far and gr