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butterflies in my tummy....OR...breathing through the overwhelm!

Hi all...its been a little bit quiet from my side hasn't it?
Lots happening and continuing to happen in this girls life...
a very strange start to the year and not as anticipated
with me being laid out on my back for three days over New years
with horrible lower back spasms...
just started getting that under control with a few visits to my lovely physio when WHAMMO!!!
an attack of yucky IBS right in the middle of a long anticipated visit
from the gorgeous Louise Gale!!
we managed to have a lovely time anyways even though I probably shouldn't have been eating that raspberry chocolate chip muffin under the circumstances!

In the midst of all this painting, painting, painting ...finally finished two commissions that my poor friend Angela had been waiting for for 6 months...this one is her on her new vespa! She really is the cutest!

Also been painting for two exhibitions, one which opened last weekend and has been very successful with 5 paintings sold so far and great responses!

AND my first international exhibition in Thailand next week!!
EEEEEKKKK!!! I'm not ready!!

I've been feeling quite uneasy (obviously my body is responding to this!)
as we still haven't received our itinerary (no flight numbers nada)
and we leave on Tuesday..yep thats one week away!
( the whole family is being sponsored for flights and accommodation)...

a part of me was thinking, oh well maybe its not going to happen,
maybe its too good to be true and because of this
I've been cruising a little bit,
thinking more about my local exhibition than this BIG one.

Then this morning I receive a press release in my inbox from the Koh Samui Gazette
and all of a sudden.... CRAP!!

Its real!!!

I better get moving....soooo...
i think this may be the last post you see from me until I get to Koh Samui...
feeling kind of discombobulated (gotta love that word)
and trying to stay centred, off the alcohol,
eating good foods, stretching and meditating for the next week,
just so I dont fall apart before we go!!
6 paintings to go, then I have to figure out how I'm going to pack them

...ok...bye for you all!!!

Will leave you with a little glimpse into last weekends exhibition,
made by our good friend and drummer Syd Green and
featuring one of our new soon to be released songs "Umbrella"

have a great week!
Lots of love Tracy ♥ xoxox

ps sometimes I wish I was a cat....Bodhi snuggled up in my fabric pile...a part of me wants to climb right in there and hide for a while....

pps forgot to say that tonight I'm doing a SKYPE interview with the amazing Tamara Laporte for LifeBook!!! Click here to view more details

AND today I'm starting BUSINESS SOUL SESSIONS with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls!!!

Here's hoping this little butterfly can handle all of the excitement...somebody may need to send me some VALIUM...oh um I mean Valerian!! You know TEA! LOL ♥


kae pea said…
I am sorry your body has been reacting badly but I think it just may be a bit of anxiety trying to find a way to come out! You will be fine and do great! I hope you have an amazing and wildly successful trip! I just know you will. Huge congrats on all that is happening for you! Enjoy it and savor it and know you deserve all of this juicy goodness :) cannot wait to see and hear about it all! xokp
Liza Zeni said…
Beautiful Tracy, sending you a giant warm hug filled with courage, strength, calm, efficiency, enthusiasm and love. I have suffered from IBS over the past 12 years and it is stress related for me. So I completely understand how you're feeling. You have a great amount on at the moment, but this is a passing moment and again you will be able to go at your own pace. Look towards all the good that will be generated from this internation exhibition. Much love Liza xxx
christy nimeh said…
Hi sweets! I'm glad that you are feeling a little better. Certain that you will have an amazing time and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Loved the video~looks like it was a great evening, and congrats on selling those paintings :) xoxo christy
Wow!! You are one busy lady! I'm exhauseted just reading about everything you've been doing! Phew I understand you wanting to cuddle in with your cat :) Good luck with the big trip fun.................... I'm sure you'll be a huge success xX
Sheri Ann Ponzi said…
Sending you love and calm and healing vibes. I am so thrilled for you, Tracy! You are in the flow and all is well. Deeps breaths and calming tea, yes!! :) Take good care of yourself and enjoy the ride.

Much love,
Susan said…
It's ALL good, Tracy. All good. Take a deep breath now...see what I mean?

It's all GOOD.

Anonymous said…
It will all come together. Write it all down and cross it off one by one. You have time.....
This is LIFE! and you are living it well
Enjoy every minute.
Ro Bruhn said…
Take a deep breath and have a great time. Your exhibition in Thailand will be a sell out. Elizabeth A had an exhibition there a few years ago now and she had a ball, they treated her so well. Good Luck and go girl.
kim beller said…
hoping that you are feeling way better now and that the trip to thailand is a beautiful experience for you and your family~ i love all that you share here !
blueskyartist said…
I hope you feel better soon! I have icky IBS, too, and I am always eating things that I regret later!
P.S., your cat is gorgeous. He knows how to relax!
miz katie said…
Oh, you poor girl. I have IBS, also. I know what you're going through..any little change in daily routine will set it off. sigh. Congrats on your show!! And, your cat is gorgeous. This is my first time visiting your blog. :)
verdigrisrose said…
Hi Tracy,
Sorry to hear you are not well, I have similar difficulties as well and so mornings are difficult as I never know if I can go out, as I need to be near the wc facilties as I know you will understand..
Congrats on your exhibition I know you will be a huge success as your art is wonderful!..x..julia
Pearl Maple said…
Congrats on the show in Thailand, looks like a fabulous development.