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Drip, splosh, tilt!

Hello beautiful bloggy friends! I just had a little giggle when I read back my sounds like I've been drinking too much! In reality I've been holed up in my studio for days working on a Major submission for a painting unit I'm doing towards my Fine Arts Degree. A lot of the time its not much fun painting to someone else's specifications or being graded on your art but these exercises have actually been a lot of fun...with Exercise titles such as Method and Madness and Art for Arts Sake I have been experimenting and having lots of fun just seeing what happens when.... One of the exercises called for lots of experimentation with pouring, spilling and staining. Lots of layers were suggested and so I did just that! Here are the results...aren't they just gorgeous!! I wanted to experiment with a couple of different surfaces so I started with some pieces of unprimed plywood and randomly dripped some Golden Fluid colours on... a little spray of water and magical