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evolution of an elephant :)

Elephant Love I've had elephants on my mind for some time now. Such beautiful creatures they are.... mysterious and wise, capable of great joy, rage and sadness..... just like us Last January in Koh Samui we were excited to be able to go on a jungle trek with two beautiful female elephants.... I'm taking the photos from my perch and thats Sienna taking a photo back of me. I worried about how heavy we were and the mud below that swallowed up their giant feet and made the going tough at times.... I was kind of glad to get back, dismount and happy to give thanks with tiny bananas....   a gentle touch and soft words of love and gratitude Santana had a moment of communion too as did Marco and Sienna.... a year has passed and I find myself drawn to painting these beauties... this little one appeared first as part of my Little Creatures series, and was quickly scooped up and taken to its new home......   and