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evolution of an elephant :)

Elephant Love

I've had elephants on my mind for some time now. Such beautiful creatures they are....

mysterious and wise, capable of great joy, rage and sadness.....
just like us

Last January in Koh Samui we were excited to be able to go on a jungle trek with two beautiful female elephants....

I'm taking the photos from my perch and thats Sienna taking a photo back of me. I worried about how heavy we were and the mud below that swallowed up their giant feet and made the going tough at times....

I was kind of glad to get back, dismount and happy to give thanks with tiny bananas....

  a gentle touch and soft words of love and gratitude

Santana had a moment of communion too

as did Marco and Sienna....

a year has passed and I find myself drawn to painting these beauties...

this little one appeared first as part of my Little Creatures series, and was quickly scooped up and taken to its new home......

and then this sweet pair showed up on my canvas of drips and I went along with the discovery. I think I may do a little more work on it so that the mama doesn't look like she's shedding a tear.....

and then I stared at a canvas on my studio wall that had been sitting neglected for a year, 24x24" of random marks and splotches of colour

and I began to block out the outline of an elephant thinking about the beautiful painted elephants in the Indian Festival of Colour....(I used a photo found on Pinterest as a shape reference but changed the trunk from pointing down to pointing up and off the canvas for a more interesting composition)

I began to add light dark glazes over areas that would be in shadow

introduced some more defined decorative elements and patterns and an eye to bring her alive 
( I LOVE this part!)

added another eye in shadow, deepened the dark areas and heightened the lighter ones

then played and played for several more hours until at last, standing back, there she was before me, finished! 

The name "Bringer of Joy" came to me immediately and then my friend Dorothy contacted me and told me that her spiritual name "Anandita" given by her Indian guru means "Bringer of Joy" 
How perfect is that?
Anandita she is then :)

Hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into my process. Be sure to check in on my workshop schedule. 

 Maybe one day we can paint together! :)

Lots of love and wishes for a wonderful week of smiles and possibilities xoxo



Susan Burgess said…
Love your elephants, such feeling and persona! Hugs, Sanna
Theresa Plas said…
Lovely! So interesting reading about the process and inspiration! Best to you!
Carol said…
Lovely to see your process, and your subjects were absolutely beautiful. Love your elephants!
Kim Mailhot said…
Bringer of Joy indeed ! She is so beautiful, Tracy ! And I love how her energy moved through you to be created.
Happy Painting, Amazing One !
Kristin Dudish said…
Hi Tracy,

I just read your post on instagram and saw the beautiful elephant that emerged from your friend's wonderful paper - What a wonderful way to say thank you and a very generous way to pay it forward!

I have been watching your amazing elephants come to life on instagram and I was so glad to read this post and learn more about your personal connection to elephants! When I was a little girl, my dad was friends with a zookeeper and I had the opportunity to feed the elephants - it was incredible. They are such tender creatures (despite their large and rough exteriors)... Gentle giants, really.

Well, I seem to be blathering on (as I often do)...

Just one more thing - I really admire your process. I love the freedom of it! I'm trying to loosen up my own process & you are an inspiration :) (I loved your video in lifebook!)

Thank you for the inspiration, and such a wonderful opportunity (I'm crossing my fingers that I'm one of the lucky ones)!


p.s. I also get a kick out of the pics you post of your cat gazing into the fishbowl... That would be a great painting too!
deb did it said…
I am new to the blank canvas, and intuitive painting. Of all mediums I work with, painting terrifies me!
But I facing my fears and digging in.
Elephants continue to appear daily, and I am listening.
Of course yours delight me so and bring me joy!
Bringer of Joy sent me secret messages both Instagram and Facebook. Now here. I am listening.
Thank you .
Maybe just maybe I will see you soon here in Florida!