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Paint Mojo February 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVELY ONES!! Now that that we have finished eating and drinking copious amounts of delicious (and possibly naughty) treats, it's time to clear our heads, breathe deeply the wonder and magic of everyday inspiration, and make some space for new creative birthings! For some time now I have been feeling the stirrings of a creative revolution. I see it in the faces of my students as they light up with the recognition that they ARE inherently creative and that bringing forth that magic ripples outward into EVERY area of their lives! It's contagious! This past month magic has been happening big time in my world with one of my favorite authors and all round inspiring human beings, Elizabeth Gilbert, sharing my work several times on her FB page!!  Like, pick me up off the floor! Liz Gilbert loves my work!! I tried not to be all goofy about it, oh yeah, Liz is talking about my art.   That's kinda special...I'm cool with it...