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Day 4~ nine days of giveaways! 2015 through the lens of nourishment

Hello beautiful ones!! I hope you are all enjoying the festive season in whatever way is perfect for you! I meant to pop back in here on Boxing day for Day four of my end of year giveaway but I've been having a little too much holiday fun with family and knew you would understand. I also knew this post was going to be all about food so I needed to wait a few days for Christmas dinner to settle, and I'm sure you know how that goes... So todays post is a little reflection on our culinary voyage this year. I still don't have all of my photos sorted so forgive me if it seems a little biased on the Mexican side of things but truth is that all of us, the whole family would choose Mexican over any other cuisine and although Europe dished us up some exquisite yumminess, those chile rellenos and fish tacos you see below are the stuff of my foodie dreams. So here we sure to leave a comment on all nine of my 2015 reflection posts and let me know if you sh

Day three-nine days of giveaways to celebrate 2015! Through the lens of wonder...

In Florida we visited an enchanted butterfly forest  It's Christmas Eve here in Australia, a wet and kind of cool Summers Day which feels nice and Christmasey.  Tonight our family will gather to eat and be merry and be grateful that we have each other. Today I reflect upon this amazing year  through the lens of wonder,  through the eyes of a child,  as a believer in magic.... thank you for being a part of my magical journey.  Remember to leave a comment on each of my nine 2015 reflection posts for a chance to win each day.  fresh from the chrysalis...beautiful transformations often happen out of struggle  in Mexico I wrapped myself in the verdant embrace of a 2000 year old tree, the widest in the world  in Palm Desert, Ca I stood in the light which danced through this magical oasis  In Ireland I found myself a tree to hug feeling elated after overcoming my fears and kissing the Blarney Stone! and in Florida we spied some fan