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on solitude, nature and inspiration ♥

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage too often I forget that right outside my door is the medicine to soothe my overwhelm, infuse my spirit with a feeling of absolute freedom and connect me to my muse. it really isn't even that I forget...i just get caught up in a cycle of DOINGNESS until I STOP and reevaluate and remember the need for BEINGNESS... This morning I took a long, lovely walk on the beach, alone. My purpose was not to exercise but just to wander, to feel the sand beneath my feet and WONDER. I noticed the marks made by the little pippies (clams) like some ancient script willing us to remember our connection and the way the clouds filled the sky in ripples. and how the water split the sand in tiny rivulets I noticed the tiny pi

Permission to play....... Paint Mojo begins! ♥

This time last week I was up to my elbows in paint,ink and pastels, hanging out in a stable with 13 gorgeously brave creative seekers, surrounded by gum trees, horses, kangaroos and cockatoos! Heaven! In these beautiful surroundings I got to deliver my very first Paint Mojo two day workshop~ the format I will be bringing to the U.S in Sept. I can't tell you how much I am loving spending an entire weekend teaching and inspiring others to recognise and own their unique creative mojo and in return being taught and inspired by my students in oh so many ways. Thank you for allowing me into the landscapes of your lives, your creative space, into its wonder..... its childhood memories... its performance anxiety.... its tender, vulnerable beauty.... its limitless possibilities....its critical voice... Even though I have been teaching for twelve years I'm feeling something very new unfold inside me and it FEELS SO RIGHT ♥ During the weekend we shared our stories, fo

Art Is You Art Retreats!!

Hello lovelies....just wanted to share this beautiful interview with Rice, Sallianne and Ellen! It gave me chills and made me teary at the same time..... It still doesn't feel quite real that in 6 months time I'll be teaching at my first BIG retreat and judging from this heartful podcast and from the interaction already happening at the Art Is You Yahoo group I've chosen the right one for my initiation. I will be teaching three workshops at both retreats, Petaluma, California and Stamford, Connecticut. Sacred Marks will be a two day intensive where I will encourage students to dig deep into their own wellspring of creativity to find the contemplative space to create personal symbols and their own unique narrative. Students will explore a multitude of abstract techniques using paint, ink, oil pastel and collage. Text and imagery will be woven together to create a unique, personal art language. On Friday we will throw our preconceived notions to the winds and spend