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The Power of Possibility♥

Less than 6 months ago my vision of "What is Possible" was changed forever. I had created my vision board 2 years ago around living a life of purpose and passion while traveling the world and helping others to find joy in their own creative spirit. It still felt very far away. I had created a great presence in my local area, selling my art and teaching kids and adults for the past 12 years and like a happy little fish in a small bowl I was a little bit scared of what lay outside my comfort zone. I wanted to shine my light and I had to start breaking barriers one by one.....I remember an analogy I heard years ago by the larger than life Tony really stuck with my mind it created a picture of all of us walking around inside bubbles, some small, some very large. Each time we saw a new possibility, achieved a new thing our bubbles expanded slightly and from the perspective of our bigger bubbles it became easier to see even more possibilities.... and

You guys just GET me ♥

One thing I know for in this beautiful online world I have found a place where tribes gather..... like minded..... encouraging..... joyfully sharing. I know that when I have a moment that's a little hard to explain there are a whole bunch of you out there that KNOW exactly where I'm at. I LOVE that. So many of you share my love of thrift in Australia we call them Op-Shops- Opportunity cool is that? Anyways we live in a small, small town but we have an awesome op-shop and the elderly ladies that volunteer there....well can I say they kind of know me ;p I walk in the other day and my eye goes straight to something delicious sitting on the counter. I dont remember the exact words but something to the effect of " you always like things for the dress up box"..not quite sure where that came from, perhaps just my love of the out of the ordinary, preloved exotica that noone else wants. Who wouldn't want this? torn, fragmented memori

Lovin' our garden in Spring! ♥

wandering out early in the in hand :) sunlight through the leaves of the umbrella tree... succulent colour burst on the front deck♥ wild sweet strawberries appear in unexpected places...little bursts of sunshine in our mouths x agapanthus ready to bloom... pretty pink roses down the side passage... bring on the zucchinis! last years spinach has sprung to life again and is snuggled next to bunches and bunches of self seeded coriander :) baby sunflowers...can't wait to paint them! a perfect caterpillar munched on love heart leaf! blissed out bee inside a mulberry splattered arum lily ♥ mulberries galore! and the occasional berry lovin' fairy♥ Birds of paradise outside Marco's recording studio... and lilies outside mine♥ a wild untamed corner of nasturtiums and daisies! Bottlebrush blossoming! and our wild boy Gingy lazing on the back deck ♥ I cant help but be inspired by all of this Springtime scrumptiousness..... finished this little inky artwork on the wee