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Lovin' our garden in Spring! ♥

wandering out early in the in hand :)

sunlight through the leaves of the umbrella tree...

succulent colour burst on the front deck♥

wild sweet strawberries appear in unexpected places...little bursts of sunshine in our mouths x

agapanthus ready to bloom...

pretty pink roses down the side passage...

bring on the zucchinis!

last years spinach has sprung to life again and is snuggled next to bunches and bunches of self seeded coriander :)

baby sunflowers...can't wait to paint them!

a perfect caterpillar munched on love heart leaf!

blissed out bee inside a mulberry splattered arum lily ♥

mulberries galore!

and the occasional berry lovin' fairy♥

Birds of paradise outside Marco's recording studio...

and lilies outside mine♥

a wild untamed corner of nasturtiums and daisies!

Bottlebrush blossoming!

and our wild boy Gingy lazing on the back deck ♥

I cant help but be inspired by all of this Springtime scrumptiousness.....
finished this little inky artwork on the weekend
and its now on its way to the sweet Lura Brown in Vista California
who is the lucky winner of my painting giveaway celebrating 1500 members
at our totally inspiring Magically Mixed Art Group on Face Book..

if you haven't yet joined us we'd love you to come hang out and share your creative bliss!

Also dont forget to check out this wonderful opportunity for creative growth ...I am super excited to be one of the Life Book teachers!!

and for those of you in Australia or wanting to come visit next year you must not miss out on this amazing event I'll be teaching at in March in sure to come on over and check out all of the amazing workshops on offer:)

Have a beautiful day my gorgeous fellow artists and soulful seekers..sending BIG love your way! ♥♥♥


Selah Gay said…
Oh my a PERFECT Spring if I do say myself! Spring is truly my favorite its so nice to walk through it again this year m'dear! Thank you for sharing... LOVE the heart-ful caterpillar munch! Selah <3
Mary C. Nasser said…
Gorgeous photos!
I wanted to introduce myself to you, too...just sent a request to join your mixed art group on FB. :)
Looks like an amazing way to connect with others!

All the best,
Mixed-Media Map Art
Dion Dior said…
I'm loving you garden in spring as well. My heart is yearning for the land down under...sigh! xx
Spring! Thanks for the reminder it's spring somewhere in the world.

I love love LOVE the painting you're sitting under!

And now I need to check out the FB group. Enjoy connecting with kindred spirits from all corners of the planet. xo Susan
cri-cri said…
beautiful pics and even Í would like a little bit more sun, I adore the autumn with his beautiful colors...
Arto Burtiams said…
You have a very beautiful garden. I love the pink roses and the colorful lilies. The splash of color during spring is always something to look forward to. Great pictures, too!
Wow! It's amazing that you managed to maintain its beauty despite the countless plants you have on your yard. You seem to have spacious garden to mix those beauties together. For sure, butterflies roam in that area most often.
Shona Martinez said…
After seeing the photos, I was inspired to have a beautiful garden just like yours. Well, it is very common for a garden to have colorful plants and flowers, but in your case, you get to have fruits like wild strawberries in your garden as well. Nice one! Not only does it serve as a lovely attraction to your garden, but it can also satisfy your sweet cravings.
Your garden makes me feel relaxed. I should always take a look at this post whenever my eyes feel worn out from surfing the net. =) By the way, which of them is your favorite? If I were to choose, it’ll be those pink roses and spinach. It’s nice to see those unique roses, which also give a fragrant scent. And that spinach, well, it’s one of my favorites! It’s like having a source of vitamins and nutrients a few steps away from your door.