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Paint Mojo Ireland~ coming up soon!

Hello my creative adventurers!! Long time, no see, in this bloggity part of the world! I hope all is wonder-filled in your lives and that your troubles are small and few,  or even non existent! my sincere apologies I entered the zone of no return once more, by not posting for so long,  that it became too overwhelming to share all the amazingness,  so I just didn't. Things are settling a little now though, and I am back on board, ready to pull up a chair,  share a cuppa with you all and fill you in,  (in bite size chunks~goodbye overwhelm!)  on happenings past, present and future!  So today, lets talk TRAVEL!! The real voyage of  discovery  consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust Over the next few weeks, each Thursday, we will do some dreaming together as I introduce all of the longer retreats I will be facilitating in 2015 (and begin to plan for 2016) and invite you to gift yourself the space an

Free as a bird

Hola my little petunias! Yes its Spring here in Australia♥ Glorious wonderful Spring the time when I get a little goofy and say things like "Hola my little petunias!" the time when I get my hands in the dirt and plant some little seedlings  to provide us with summer salads the time when the beautiful Koels fly all the way from New Guinea to live in our backyard a while and wait for the mulberries to ripen a time for throwing open doors  and stepping out onto the balcony barefoot to greet the morning sun a time to stroll around the garden and revel in the  profusion of daisies and nasturtiums tumbling down the fence self seeded, just doing their own thing year after year... a time for completion, like this massive buffalo commission  I have been working on for more than a year finally finished  I have fallen in love with it ♥ but soon it will be on its way to Florida to live with my beautiful Aunt

content :)

I pour my coffee, add a dash of hazelnut syrup and will myself not to walk back past my computer.   If I do it will draw me in like a giant Venus Flytrap.  It is the morning of the eve of the launch of my very first ecourse and I am holding the space for almost 400 beautiful, eager, excited, anxious creatives. I feel like a mama hen to all of them, thoughts racing around my mind, worried that my students wont have found the scratch foam needed for week one, worried that I haven’t given enough, or that I am not enough…worried about the very things I tell my students not to worry about. Breathe…repeat…I am enough…breathe…..repeat…I am enough…. I have fallen into a bad habit of checking emails as soon as I wake, made worse by the fact that the time difference between Australia and other parts of the world is so great. Often when I wake there are frantic emails from students who haven’t received info or can’t find suggested supplies, written hours befo

Its raining Mojo~AND a book/painting giveaway!!!!

No words right now......♥ My book is shipping out all over the U.S and copies have hit Aussie shores now too! For those of you still patiently waiting in other places thank you! Thank you everyone for your kind words, support and encouragement! and THIS just blows my mind! The creativity cannot be matched in any other book! Every time you open it you will get another new idea and technique. She opens doors in my own mind and emotions that empty out into works of my own. A must have for every type of artist or simply a terrific book to have in reach to get your imagination going again! Buy and enjoy! Julie This book is very inspiring! Tracy has created a worldwide art community through her positive attitude and incredible sharing. This book would be something great to read even for people who aren't artists. She's a philosopher and teacher, and receives great joy by sharing her passion for life in general, as well as for art. And, of course, this b

a different kind of mojo ♥

Hola beautiful friends!! I hope the world is treating you with love today. I have lots of news to catch up on AND am uber excited to find out that the release date for my book has been moved forward three weeks which means that all of you gorgeous supportive friends that have been waiting patiently, since you preordered as early as last November, will soon have it in the mail.  Two HUGE boxes of author copies have just arrived on my doorstep also so watch this space for some signed giveaways that may even have a little surprise inside! Timely messages from the Universe have been coming in more and more lately so a few days ago when I received an email from the gorgeous Stephanie Perkinson asking if she could reach out to share her beautiful offering with my blog readers I knew it was the right thing at the right time.  Since my diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis in Feb and then on top of that receiving blood test results to confirm Santana as coeliac, I've been thinking


Tonight I'm making pesto...from mouth is salivating...but I am not without apprehension. Apprehension? Over pesto? Let me explain...... several years ago after a delish meal of homemade pesto, I slipped into my PJ's, squeezed some toothpaste onto my brush and had the oddest experience. The toothpaste didn't taste like toothpaste at all, instead, there was an overwhelming taste of bitterness I came downstairs and asked Marco and the girls to try the toothpaste.. does it taste weird to you? nope, all fine.... so strange, I thought and took myself off to bed... Over the next week things got worse EVERY single thing I ate had the same taste..bitter, bitter, bitter! apples, yoghurt, salad. chocolate, chicken, everything bitter! No differentiation whatsoever between foods.... It was like all of the different areas of my taste buds had been switched off  and turned to bitter sensors, sweetness, salty, sour, umami, all gone bitt