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I pour my coffee, add a dash of hazelnut syrup and will myself not to walk back past my computer.  
If I do it will draw me in like a giant Venus Flytrap. 

It is the morning of the eve of the launch of my very first ecourse and I am holding the space for almost 400 beautiful, eager, excited, anxious creatives. I feel like a mama hen to all of them, thoughts racing around my mind, worried that my students wont have found the scratch foam needed for week one, worried that I haven’t given enough, or that I am not enough…worried about the very things I tell my students not to worry about.

Breathe…repeat…I am enough…breathe…..repeat…I am enough….

I have fallen into a bad habit of checking emails as soon as I wake, made worse by the fact that the time difference between Australia and other parts of the world is so great. Often when I wake there are frantic emails from students who haven’t received info or can’t find suggested supplies, written hours before with a sense of urgency.

I jump into overdrive, responding sometimes before I am even fully awake, knowing I shouldn’t be starting my day this way…..

Today, the sun invites me outside, its warmth touches my skin and I feel the promise of Spring. I take my coffee and a book that has jumped into my awareness three times in the past two weeks. I have ordered it but my lovely Kyla has also bought it to share with me while I wait for mine to arrive.

The book is “One; living as one and loving it’ by Victoria Alexander. I am surprised to find that it is written for and about living life as a single person. I have taken it to mean living life as a “connected” person in the context that we are all “one”…it is a beautiful book and there is much wisdom in it for those who live with others too.

I stroll the block to the gorgeous, eucalypt fringed, turquoise waters that I have been neglecting and sink into the soft waiting fine white sand. I take off a pair of ratty old sandals that I have had for years, comfy, well worn shoes that I wear to all of my warm weather workshops, and put them beside me. My eye falls on a delicate imprint in the sand, a flower etched like a pretty stamp, I see another and another and realize it is the pattern on the bottom of my old shoes. I have never noticed it before, hidden beneath my feet, never knew it was there, this sweet design that now dots the beach all the way back to the weathered timber stairs.

I spend some time happily stamping flowers into the sand all around me, surrounding myself with sandy blooms.  It feels like a good thing to be doing on such a morning. I sip my coffee and open the book to a page with the heading “Content” and the author tells me she loves the title of this page as it has the dual meanings of satisfaction, happiness and also implies “what’s contained within”. I take this as a message from the Universe that everything is fine, that the content of my ecourse is as it’s meant to be, that I have worked hard and my intentions are good and that my students will find what they are meant to find within it.

I don’t have my phone with me to take a photo. I have left it at home along with the temptation to be online instead of just “be-ing” at the beach.

I come home, write this blog and bring my camera back to the beach just because I love pictures and want to share.

My morning epiphany; you can spread flowers and beauty all over the earth with the oldest, most ordinary, least ostentatious parts of your being and never even know you are doing it. 

Isn't that a wonderful thing to know?

ps if you haven't already signed up there is still time to join in the very first Paint Mojo Ecourse, to find your mojo and make your mark! 

So much excitement and a gorgeous community already buzzing. 

Class starts this Wed 24th Sept. 
Click here for all the info! 
**POSTSCRIPT~next session of Paint Mojo the ecourse starts Feb 14th with Earlybird registration open Jan 1st. Sign up here to be in the loop ♥ 


Wonderful post, Tracy! Yes, I agree; it is such a blessing to know that we leave our impression on others, even when we're unaware. I'm glad to know that your contentment has been reached. You are encouraging other people to follow suit! The joy we have within us will always find a way out- to manifest and bring glory to God. Thank you for sharing your epiphany!

I wish you all the best on your first e-course. It's already FANTASTIC...because YOU said so!
Jess said…
I'm doing exactly that right now, internetting at 7 am, just woken up! I enjoyed this post very much and it's given me a lovely start to the day. Thankyou Tracy :) I wish you every success with the new course, I know it's going to be amazing. Jess xx
Jude Smith said…
wow, what a beautiful start to the day. I love how you said your beautiful well worn sandals leave flower prints on the sand they can do more than that, they can make marks on your paintings as well.I use little kids shoes for stamping that I source from op shops. Love Light and Laughter to everyone
3.26 middle of the night. I am reading your blog and gratefull with all that is in my life. I celebrate today that I am a grandmother for 2 years, our little Lola is having her birthday today!! All flowers I left around the world in my life came up to this day... and tomorrow and the days after..I am so gratefull! And than this day is going to be so special.... for my mojo time in painting is going to start too... lucky for me we celebrate Lola's birthday on saturday... I have time all day for Tracy's class... :) ;) <3 <3
greetings from Anne Marie in Oijen, the Netherlands...wishing you all a great time!!
RH Carpenter said…
What a wonderful post. Love the flower patterns coming from your walk in the sand, without knowing :).