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Its raining Mojo~AND a book/painting giveaway!!!!

No words right now......♥ My book is shipping out all over the U.S and copies have hit Aussie shores now too! For those of you still patiently waiting in other places thank you! Thank you everyone for your kind words, support and encouragement! and THIS just blows my mind! The creativity cannot be matched in any other book! Every time you open it you will get another new idea and technique. She opens doors in my own mind and emotions that empty out into works of my own. A must have for every type of artist or simply a terrific book to have in reach to get your imagination going again! Buy and enjoy! Julie This book is very inspiring! Tracy has created a worldwide art community through her positive attitude and incredible sharing. This book would be something great to read even for people who aren't artists. She's a philosopher and teacher, and receives great joy by sharing her passion for life in general, as well as for art. And, of course, this b