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Wanderlust and wonderment~day one

Hello my little buttercups!! I know, I know........ its been a while between drinks, um posts! (she says while remembering a long pint of Guinness recently downed in an 800 year old pub)...... and I know this to be true, because as I type, I'm hearing me own voice in me own mind, read out these words with a distinctive, if a little mixed up English accent!! Yep that's right, we're finally here on UK soil, soaking up the scenery and history after a rigorous and wonderful tour of the U.S which saw me teaching twelve 2-5 day workshops in 12 weeks!!                                So I know you will understand when I tell you there wasn't much time for blog posts in the beautiful US of A but I had a fabulous time as always and felt my heart expand time and time again as I shared the Paint Mojo experience with students and friends, new and old! And so here we be, mi amor and I (this will read better if you play along