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snippets from the road~part 1

            Painting Miss Daisy...a parting gift for my wonderful N.Carolina host Phyllis Peterson. as time slips away on this wonderful adventure   and one amazing experience leads into the next    my days are so filled with new friends, new places and experiences    that I dont know that i'll ever find the time to describe this trip the way i would like.  Perhaps when I get home to Australia...we'll see :) I have been working on this post for the past week and have realised that I may have to break it down so here is part one :)  For now, sitting here in my hotel room in Orlando where Sienna has joined me for a weekend of fun  I will attempt to give you a whirlwind glimpse into the happenings of the past few weeks.  I arrived back in California from the East Coast mid October and spent three blissful days in Baja California Mexico with my awesome man, celebrating 25 years of marriage. In all we spent 6 days together before I had to f