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Confessions of a multitasking queen

    1. Rise early, make a list of all the absolutes to be done today. Start with the quick jobs and plan to have them done by 10am. 2. Open Paypal to check on payments for a couple of students unsure whether they have paid final workshop payments. 3. remember that I need to refund someone unable to come and track that down first in hotmail. Get distracted by emails while I'm there and go off on a number of other tangents for the next hour. Updating my mailing list, checking various workshops registrations etc 4. Multitask by posting pics on FB and instagram the whole time I'm doing number three. 5. Get distracted by a giraffe pic on FB, find out its a riddle, answer it wrongly and now I have to be a giraffe for three days.  6. Rebuke myself for getting distracted and resolve to get back to biz. 7. Get distracted by sweet kitty Flower Power, one of the residents here at my Airbnb apartment and let him/her? in to keep me company. Spend time s

Snippets from the road AND super exciting news!!!!

Hello dear friends!!!! I know, I know I have been missing in action big time!  Roaming around the U.S, painting rainbows of possibility with awesome creative people ,  making new friends and hanging out with old ones,  seeing new places and relishing the whole incredible experience!!! One of the reasons I haven't had time to blog is that every.spare. moment has been taken up with finishing my book.  My sweet friend and editor Tonia sent me the cover a couple of weeks ago with instructions not to share so I have been buzzing with excitement!!!  Then on Sunday morning I log on to Facebook and see my cover staring me in the face on someones post....confused for a moment I wondered if I had somehow accidentally shared...sleep typing maybe?? Then I read further...Tracy Verdugos new book is now available for pre order on Amazon!! Whaaaaaaat?? OMG!! OMG!! Its real!! A real book!! Not just a bunch of scrawled notes in my falling apart notebook!! N