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creating space....

Hello lovelies! Hope life is treating you well this weekend. I have had an up and down week with a visit from my old pal Anxiety. Finding the courage to admit that I dont have it all together all of the time was hard but early in the week I admitted to my gorgeous FB community that I was feeling the closest to a full blown panic attack as I had in ten years! and guess what? Nobody judged me Nobody dropped out of my workshops because I admitted I was feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable Nobody called me a looney tune Nobody told me to just snap out of it INSTEAD......I got this Been there, done that... many times! It simply means it's time for YOU! Figure out whatever thorn you have in your side, face it straight on without the hassles from daily life (because you deserve to put yourself first!) and soon you will be where you need to be! You give so much Tracy, try to give to yourself for a little while! and this Thinking of you today and sending love. I can r