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Taking pics of your art...simplified :)

Hi lovely people! Hope all is well in your little corner of this beautiful planet! Today I wanted to share some tips on taking photos of your art. I take mine with a Panasonic DMC-T25... not an over the top super dooper camera but enough to get a good resolution pic....from memory it was about $300ish purchased in the US in 2008. Marco just chimed in from the kitchen to say that the Leica lens on this particular camera is a pretty cool thing...not being techie I have no idea why but I'll take his word for it...thanks honey! I started on this mixed media piece last night and even though its not yet finished I took some pics to give me some direction as to where I might go next. I always take my pics in natural light without a flash otherwise you get this unsightly patch of brightness in the pic.... which no amount of editing or deepening of shadows will get rid of... I usually take my pics in the morning or afternoon in a place with soft indirect light......

Snippets of a lovely weekend♥

Much to be grateful for this weekend....... the colour of the Winter ocean.... the beautiful place we live... a deserted beach to walk along with my love.... teeny, tiny treasures.... a little love in the back garden... my favourite tree surrounded by winter arum lilies.... then painting..... painting..... painting.... ♥ wishing you a beautiful, creative week of love and contentment Tracy xo